UmmS.’s Book Nook

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

This is my personal page of Islamic and non-Islamic books I’m currently reading. I may provide reviews to some of them but just because I’m reading them says enough. By that what I mean is that since I’m very picky as to what I input to my brain , you can safely adopt my choices inshaa’Allah. If you can click on the book titles, it will provide you with the links of the bookstores selling it and sometimes the Google Books free pdf copy.


Jan 16, 2011 :

Active Communication, Matthew Westra

Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development, Gillie Bolton

For the 21st Century Muslim: Real Life Lessons from the Holy Qura’n, Muhammad Bilal Lakhani

The Ideal Muslimah, Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi (I’m always reading this book)

The Biography of Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq, Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad Muhammad As-Sallaabee


Added: Jan 21, 2011

Taqwa: The Provision of the Believers-Imam Ghazali, Imam ibn Qayyim, Imam ibn Rajab, compiled by Abu Maryam Al Sayed,translated by Maulana Mohammad Amin Kholwadia

Added: Feb 25,2011

The Exquisite Pearl: The Journey to Allah and the Home of HereAfter,  by Sh. ‘Abd al-Rahman Al Sa’di


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