Sh. Abu Eesa: Benefits of Pak.’s Cricket Defeat

‘Folks, if we were to call upon Allah everyday like we have been over this cricket match I swear we’d never taste fear or sadness ever again.’ [Sh. Abu Eesa]

I care less about Cricket and I feel like sending hate mail to everyone who watched it religiously. Khayr, I have shortcomings of my own.And they may be slightly more in number and greater in burden. May Allah SWT forgive me! Ameen.

BUT, I like how Sh. Abu Eesa takes a positive (AND humorous as always) attitude towards it.

If you feel down about this whole thing, you can read his excuses right here.

May Allah SWT bless him. May Allah SWT bless Muslims who watched this match with thori si ‘aqal.Ameen.

Hours wasted. Won’t even get a chance for a single second to redeem those empty moments on Youm al Qiyamah. Esp. here in North America where this time could’ve been used for Qiyam al-Layl. Allahu Akbar what a tragedy! Pakistanis should be crying for the time lost rather than the loss in game. *sigh*

And Allah SWT knows best.


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