‘Milling’ Marriage Mayhem and MORE

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Just finished the course Fiqh of Love. May Allah SWT reward me for my patience.Ameen. This is one course that I’m glad that it’s over. SubhanAllah, may Allah SWT forgive me.Ameen.

Brushing all the numerous things that bothered me under the carpet very artfully inshaa’Allah, I think this course must’ve been extremely useful for brothers more so than sisters. Allahu ‘Alam. But I do know they need more help regardless of what age group they fall in or how ‘mature’ they are mentally. My conclusion is that men need help. They just don’t know and they ask their friends who don’t know either. So they must either contact an Imam or get some self-help books on communication even if written by the Kuffar. Seriously…not just for those who’re married but also those who’re looking to get married. Again  I repeat, you don’t have to be in 20’s to learn. Some 30+ year old brothers have issues too. I request you to take off the cap of arrogance off your head  and do yourselves a favour.

Sh. Said, who’s also a marriage counsellor, said that the no. 1 marital problem is lack of effective communication. No surprises there. We also learned about 50 things one needs to know about marital relationships. In fact we learned from the spouse-hunt to the issue of divorce and child custody. So alhamdolilah quite a variety of topics covered in just four days…and inshaa’Allah it’ll be beneficial for all those who attended.

Another conclusion that I came to. Actually 2 more conclusions:

  • Islam treats a woman like a princess! SubhanAllah. We don’t need to marry a Prince to become a Princess. All Shariah rules from choosing a spouse to the divorce process give Muslim women the softness and liberity that they need. I mean I just personally feel like a Princess…so loved and cared for by Allah SWT…who made sure that men don’t mistreat me and take away my rights. I feel so blessed to be a Muslimah.
  • Culture is the biggest culprit of marriage problems.And islamic knowledge is the only solution!

Finally, the Ameer auctioned Pakistani and Indian cricket teams’ T-shirts to raise money for the needy families.

Who cares about cricket? I know brothers and sisters of certain ethnicities are raised on cricket but honestly, one has to see what’s right for their Eeman.

When Sh. Said found out that a cricket match is ~8 hours long, that’s what he said:

‘The ‘Ulama have come up with 4 rules to figure out if something’s haram:

1) Is it harmful to you?

2) Is it harmful to anyone else?

3) Is it wasting away your wealth?

4) Is it wasting away your time? ‘

Sh. Said exclaimed that such people are not shaheed fisabeelilah, rather they are shaheed fi-sabeelal-cricket. That was hilarious. Makes sense though. 

Hmm. I love sports. But playing it and not watching it. I never understood the benefit of watching any type of sports. It leads to personality and nationality worship…and attaches your heart to useless things.

Well that’s that. Alhamdolilah every bit of knowledge helps.

Will share what I can. I’m still in the process of sharing One Ummah’s info so I will probably share that by May inshaa’Allah. However things go here on.

And Allah SWT knows best.

Wishing everyone a great week inshaa’Allah,



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