Don’t ‘Freeze’ Khayr-Activities during Calamities

Ibn Abid-Duniay also reported that ‘Umar ibn Bakr said:

“And old Qurayshite man once said: ‘When al-Hasan ibn al-Husayn , the father of ‘Ubaydullah Ibn al-Hasan died, his son ‘Ubaydullah, was the commander and judge of al-Basrah. Many people came to console him. They argued about what reveals man’s impatience , and concluded that it is considered to be a token of impatience that man interrupts anything he used to do (before calamity).”

[‘The Way to Patience and Gratitude’, by Imam ibn Al Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah(R), pp.144]


This then probably includes:

-not giving up on Nawafil acts of ‘Ibadah during a calamity if that’s what you engaged in prior to  the calamity

-continuing to pray with Khushoo’ and doing Faraidh in the manner ordained

-not giving up being polite and gentle to people when it’s a difficult/tensed situation

-continuing good deeds such as spending of one’s time and money for the Sake of Allah SWT when both are tight due to increased no. of responsiblities and/or financial constraints

In short, continue the acts of goodness and let not calamity become a dead end to your road to Jannah. That’s some food for thought. Hmm. Just become ‘unstoppable’ because Shaytan’s going to make you lazy/sad/down/frustrated in every way. Something to monitor within myself.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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