What more can a Muslimah want when she becomes a source of happiness for those who love Him?

…when she becomes a potential source of bringing people closer to Him…

Alhamdolilah. That’s the fulfillment of my existence.

Much more challenging than finding a vaccine for HIV.

Much more satisfying and beautiful than anything this world can ever hold.

Some things you don’t want to let go of because you feel that they’re part of you…

But when you do let go of them for the Sake of Allah SWT, you feel a much more complete Muslimah.

Allah SWT does have rewards for those who fear Him. Their rewards are continuous…they start from this dunia and last in the everlasting Akhira. SubhanAllah! All of a sudden, you feel a million blessings at your doorstep…so many from Allahu ‘Alam where. SubhanAllah…I could never ever imagine how quickly things change. It is indeed a test of my thankfulness and inshaa’Allah another opportunity to please Him. Inshaa’Allah. May Allah SWT protect me from the whisperings of Shayateen.Ameen.

His Love has become the only drive. I seek to bend to Him Alone. Therefore, I seek to bend to His Tests and only seek His Pleasure.

Akhira’s ever-lasting…and I make the same duaa today:

My Lord! Build for me a home near You in Paradise! Like I wish to make happy those who love You, please make me happy on the Day of Judgement and put barakah in every step of my life.Ameen.

But those who believe, love Allâh more (than anything else). [Surah al Baqarah, 2:165] 

Just have to be extra careful not to be thankless in any shape and form.

And Allah SWT Knows Best.

[Reminder for myself first and then others]


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