The Istighfaar Revolution

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Today was a scary day despite it being a Friday. My day began with the news of Earthquake in Japan and proceeded with a discussion on the disease Syphillis at university. So in short, one reminder after the other about Allah SWT’s forms of punishment. It’s not like I haven’t been exposed to earthquakes or studied about the worst diseases out there. It’s just that when you get rid of that ‘desensitization-inflicting fungus’ off your brain, these things do have the ability to terrorize one’s hearts. I can no longer stand thunderstorms and strong gusty winds here because I know they were appetizers of punishments sent to the previous nations and we seek refuge in Allah SWT from all that and more. I am literally non-functional when any of that happens and I have to make sure everyone around me is as well just so that we can focus on Istighfaar. May Allah SWT protect us, our families and make us die as the best of Mohsineen.Ameen.

It sometimes makes me wonder that it must be the duaas of a group of very pious people which is protecting the land I am living in inspite of it being rampant with corruption. SubhanAllah, we would be otherwise in deep trouble. A lot of us with even an atom’s size of Eeman do get affected by such incidences. Yet we panic for a few minutes and then ultimately dismiss it by saying,’oh the end of times is here’. That’s all some of us do and forget about it a while later. We go back to Salah not prayed on time or our old despicable habits. If we really believe that the ‘end of times is here’, where’s the action? Are we prepared? Have we written our Wills? Have we paid our loans and sought forgiveness of everyone we might’ve hurt? Have we given Zakah and Sadaqah? Have we,for a change, thought about how painfully pitch dark it’s going to be in the grave?

My conclusion to all this is that only Istighfaar can save us. Only sincere repentance and obedience can totally change the state of the world. Educating people about Sharia’h and its benefits will make living in this dunia much much easier and tolerable. It would be a good idea to spend 3 extra minutes after each of our prayers today and sincerely say ‘Astaghfirullah’. How easy it is on the tongue and yet it has the power to change our destiny and in turn change the destiny of the people suffering in this world. My request is that if you really feel for them, make sincere duaa. Some of us can’t go out there and help, or even promote it/protest against so many things happening around the world with our tongue. So the least we can do is sit in the comfort of our homes and make duaa. Is that too much to ask for? Brothers tell other brothers and same for the sisters. We can’t live on like this anymore. If there should be any revolution, there should be a revolution of Istighfaar…don’t you think?

I shared something on this topic long back, you can have a look at it here inshaa’Allah.

UmmS. is not a better person, in fact she’s more in trouble because she preaches and yet Allahu ‘Alam whether she does it herself. Please : as you ask for forgiveness for yourself, ask for forgiveness for the rest of the world including me. JazakummAllahu khayran.

I’m quite upset and I think I don’t feel like doing anything really…I wish He SWT forgives us because brothers and sisters, we may think otherwise but Jannah is really hard to attain. We can’t expect to achieve it without going through the struggles of the people of the past. We need to do something about our Akhira. It’s not going to work like this. I’m more in need of any advice but honestly I’ve had it with living a life of an ignorant Muslim. I can sit and blog all I want but true Dawa’h is doing Dawa’h to yourself and people immediately around you. We must have high hopes of Allah SWT but they are useless if we don’t put in an equal amount of effort.

May Allah SWT just give us hidaya before it’s too late…and grant us His Special Mercy on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

Wishing everyone a reflective Friday and an Islamically-productive weekend.




One Response to “The Istighfaar Revolution”

  1. I just prayed for you, zuhr time here. I feel the same. Everyone saying its signs of the last day, one need not look far, my own siblings are quoting this yet there is no change in their actions. Truly Allah swt did inspire the earth to move. The scientist still can not fathom why – sigh. So intellgently stupid. Man trully is quarrelsome, I wish Allah swt moves my heart like he did the earth. I do not want to be heedlees, I feel at loss. This event is a big sign, a test for the residents in Japan, and a mercy for us that we have not experienced it. Ameen to your dua, a revolution is needed in us first and then everyone else.

    R. xxx

    P.s. Got your mail, really happy u did get in touch. I was missing your company, please give me some time to reply. Busy of late and just mentally preocuppied.

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