Charger for your Eeman

It may sound a little awkward and cheesy but  I remember not liking it back when it was ‘alright’ for kids my age to do that… I’m talking about making hearts everywhere. But really I feel like making hearts in this post…love this topic and really like this smiley Shaykh who keeps his audience in mind and who’s connected so well with the topic mashaa’Allah.

The way he says ‘true or not’ seems as if he’s saying in Arabic ‘Saah wala la’?’ I don’t know…I just connect with that. May Allah SWT bless him with Jannatul Firdaus.Ameen.

Anyhow, check the series out inshaa’Allah.


[For people with ‘intermediate’ level of knowledge (altho there’s no such thing but just for those who know a little more than what the people know nowadays), you can listen to Sharh of al-Aqîdah al-Wâsitiyyah by Sh. Ali at-Tamimi, may Allah SWT make it easy for him his trials,Ameen: look for it here.]


I just can’t wait…I think I’d really like to be a teacher of Quraan and Aqeedah. I’ll be jumping around infront of my students with excitement but inshaa’Allah that’d be for His Sake…so inshaa’Allah that’d be acceptable. Pls make duaa that I can do that inshaa’Allah sooner than later. There just isn’t any role or profession better than this. There can’t be. So rewarding, wholesome and prestigious (in the Sight of Allah SWT).  Only good students can be good teachers.  *Sigh* That’ll take forever unless I’m blessed with superior memory because several years have passed uselessly…don’t have time left… :( May Allah SWT forgive me and use my life and death for the propagation of His Deen.Ameen.

Rabbi Habbli Hukmauow’n walhiqni bisawliheen, waj’ali lissana sidqin fil akhireen, waj’alni muyoo’n warathi jannatinn-na’eem,wa la tukhzini youma-yub’athoon…ameen.


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