OUC2011: Warm Memories

I feel I can’t get over the amazingly good feelings that One Ummah Conference brought with it. SubhanAllah. It really gives me an Eeman rush just thinking about it.

Sh. Ahsan Hanif: ‘Is he like the David Beckham of you all…?’


A few photos that I’d like to share:

Our lovely volunteers, may Allah SWT be pleased with them all, stood up all this while with signs like those just to ensure that everyone enjoyed the conference with Ihsaan.



Need professional help with Imamahs?

Our hospitality and promise of brotherhood extends beyond what people can imagine mashaa’Allah.



Attendees young and old…



…and some moments of gold. 

 We had newborns attending too, you know.Mashaa’Allah.



Despite the tiredness, the volunteer brothers maintained their enthusiasm and energy between the morning and evening sessions. Team Harb and Team Ahmed had relay races as well as competitions as you can see above.  They just competed to see who could keep their arms like that the longest. Halal and amusing. Mashaa’Allah.



[From left to right: Sh. Abdulbary Yahya, Sh. Abu Taubah, Sh. Ahsan Hanif]

Mashaa’Allah, what a smiley picture. May Allah SWT bless them.Ameen.


At the Al Maghrib booth: Sh. Reda Bedeir


The secret power-up hot drinks for our special guests in our special mugs.


Sh. Kamal el Mekki in one of his humor moments. May Allah SWT make him smile on the Day of judgment.Ameen.


I’d like to introduce you to our little brother Shaqeel, whom I love very much for the sake of Allah SWT.

An interesting story about him which Sh. Kamal el Mekki told us during the conference. He called Br. Shaqeel to the stage and this is how the conversation went:

Sh. Kamal: ‘So Shaqeel, what did you tell me was the last name of the Prophet Mohammed?’

Innocent Shaqeel: ‘Salalahu alayhi wasalam.’

Too cute mashaa’Allah.


Had other photos too but this shall do for now.

Disclaimer: By no means does this condone photography. I bear no responsiblity for this and inshaa’Allah I’m free from such a burden.

And Allah SWT knows best.

Thought I’d share a taste of what we had. May Allah SWT give us greater opportunities for khayr. And may Allah SWT bless IISC for the Dawah initiative, organizers, volunteers and attendees with Jannatul Firdaus.Ameen.


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  1. mashaa’Allah…

    barakallaahu fiika

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