Are you living to eat? He’s living to do Q.U.L.

Ponder this-> Abu Suleymaan ad-Daaraani(R) : If it wasn’t for Qiyaam-ul-Layl (Q.U.L) , I would never have wanted to remain in this world. [Siyar 184/10]

-Br. Aboo Thaabit


2 Responses to “Are you living to eat? He’s living to do Q.U.L.”

  1. This is yet again a timely post. I think your spirit must be entinwined with mine, for I started doing this very prestigous and humbling act of ibadah only to leave it again :( and unable to get out of the ditch to rise and continue on performing it inshalah. My heart aches from missing it, ya Allah hlp me please, make me one of those that begs for forgiveness in the last part of the night, one who is most ashamed of her deeds, to scared to think about them in fear of incurring your wrath, grateful for the feelings of remorse that ensue because of them. Ya Allah make my heart purified, rectify my deeds and my situation. I know I am in this because of my misdeeds, my heart hurts at the thought of it all, only you can change my destiny, I keeping calling on you Ya Nasir, Ya Qadir. Give me what I ask, I plead and I beg and I yearn for your mercy please.

    Apologise for this splurge. I am in a bothered state. A pathetic one too. Somehow I managed to lose track :((((

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