Understanding Qadr: Side-effects of Medicines

For all those sisters who constantly ask me the ‘why?’ question. This is for you and all those who harbour similar thoughts:

‎All ‘good’ things are out of your reach because they are not good for you. Is that too hard to comprehend – O You who claim to have reliance on Allah SWT?

You can probably think of it this way. You might’ve noticed some drugs (medicines) have side-effects. But you don’t necessarily experience them. However, another person who might’ve taken the exact same drug does experience those side-effects. That very drug which he/she took to cure them results in harming them. The drug was ‘seemingly good’ but in reality it resulted in problems which were not foreseen by that patient because obviously he/she doesn’t really know what’s going on inside the cells of his/her body. Not even doctors/researchers can tell.

Likewise, some things may seem good to you but they may not good for you. Because most probably (and Allah SWT knows best about us) that thing we feel is good for us, may cause us certain debilitating and spiritual side-effects that might damage our Deen and in turn damage our mental well-being. It is a matter of trusting Allah SWT, you know.

Should not He Who has created know? And He is the Most Kind and Courteous (to His slaves) All-Aware (of everything). [Surah Al Mulk, 67:14]

A sister asked me, ‘Well why do divorces take place if everything happens for our betterment?’

Do you see the problem in that?

Please don’t use your humanly intellect.

Some side-effects make your immune system stronger. So much so that side-effects then have a more beneficial effect on you than you taking the medicine and not having side-effects at all. Notice our limitations as humans? We don’t even know what our inclinations can lead to, let alone question Allah SWT about what He decides for us! We have absolutely no idea about the combinatorial and collaborative effect of interferences of external factors on the object we seek and how it will help us in Akhira. SubhanAllah. Switch off your brain people and stop thinking that you care about yourself more than Allah SWT. La howla wala quwata illabillah.

Does that answer everything?

And Allah SWT knows best.


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