Islamic Studies Blog for Kids

What a pleasant surprise this blog was.


Why I’m saying that is because I was raised in the UAE (lived almost all my life there) and I can’t thank Allah SWT enough and then my parents for choosing the right school for me and not compromising my religion/education. I remember there were two extremes of schools, one was ‘The International School of Choueifat’ and the other one was ‘Islamia School’ (I forget the complete name). I don’t want to ‘bad-mouth’ the schools but they really could adopt better strategies. One was and maybe still is extremely ‘liberal’ and the other suffocatingly strict, that is what the students themselves said. Both led to children who were either confused or rebellious.  There may be exceptions of course. Which reminds me there’s going to be a re-union soon at ANS and I can’t be there. Possibly never. SubhanAllah. My dad gives me the ‘you-know-you-can-still-go’ look. Yeah right. The chances are 1 in a million. But I’d love to go back and teach in my own school. And I’m confident that I’d get a job. Who knows they have the same principal? Hmm. Possibilities and the excitement they bring. Allahu Mustaa’n.

Back to the blog: It is by an Islamic Studies teacher who teaches in the UAE and has a syllabus structured by the Ministry of Education. I can totally relate to it and I know many moms/Islamic teachers would love this as a resource. Brings back good memories alhamdolilah. I think we did an Islamic Studies textbook series by Molvi Abdul Aziz. Not sure.

Thought I’d share.

May Allah SWT bless all my Islamic teachers and the brother who runs this blog.Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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