One Ummah Conference 2011

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Alhamdolilah the One Ummah Conference was a major success. We had easily over 2000 attendees and we pray that over 2000 individuals left the conference with a higher Eeman bi’itnillah. We had nine Shuyookh in the house, 2  hosts, 6 speakers and 1 as an attendee. Mashaa’Allah la quwata illabillah.

Usually Islamic conferences organized all over the world tend to pick speakers who are good orators (even if they are Sufis or bid’ah infested) and are popular with the crowd as compared to calling those who will be able to impart more ‘Ilm within a short time-span. Like in every community, there’s only one specific group of people you see at every Islamic event. What was so special about One Ummah this year was that our speakers were not only excellent orators but also were men who spoke with the strength of ‘Ilm. For the first time, I saw people I hadn’t seen before. And for the first time, everyone enjoyed every moment of the conference from the Takbeers of the new revert to learning the intricacies of the message in specific verses. I personally knew some people who had very recently fallen in love with Islam and I also know some who had no enthusiasm for religion but walked out making firm decisions about seeking Islamic knowledge. That’s truly a mission accomplished alhamdolilah.

The schedule was as follows:

The entire day was divided into the morning and evening sessions. The morning session dealt with Tafaseer of different Surahs and the evening sessions pertained more to select topics with the theme of the conference this year which was ‘O Who You Believe’.

On Saturday, we started from 9:30am and paused at 2pm. That was the morning workshop which everyone loved and it included the following:

-Surah Al Hashr by Sh. Ahsan Hanif

-Surah Al Furqan by Sh. Abu Taubah

-Surah Yusuf by Sh. Abdulbary Yahya

The evening session began at 6pm  and went on till 10:30pm and involved:

O Who You Believe by Sh. Hacene Chebbani

Stand for Justice by Sh. Yassir Fazaga

Stand Firm by Sh. Mohammed al Faqih

Men and Stones by Sh. Said Rageah

-Panel Discussion lead by Sh. Kamal el Mekki

Sunday began with (from 9:30am to 2pm):

-Surah Ash- Shu’ara by Mohammed al Faqih

-Surah Al Mulk by Sh. Said Rageah

And it ended with the following topics:

Don’t Hold Back! by Sh. Abu Taubah

Be Better than the Best by Sh. Ahsan Hanif

Walking in Gardens by Sh. AbdulBary Yahya

-Panel Discussion

-Final Words with Sh. Hacene Chebbani

-Comments by Sh. Reda Bedeir


If anyone of you are interested in getting the DVDs, I could mail them to you inshaa’Allah (wherever you live) OR you could email Br. Omar at: (trustworthy person). The brothers were burning the DVDs as the conference was going on and mashaa’Allah they are pro at it.

I bought them myself this year because last two years, they were more motivational rather than packed with serious ‘Ilm. That’s just my opinion. I wasn’t feeling very well so you can’t trust my opinion of last year conference. But this year we had both serious dose of ‘Ilm and motivation. The prices are as follows:

1 DVD is $10

3 for $25

6 for $50

All 12 for $100

I think it’s money well spent and I strongly suggest that you get hold of them inshaa’Allah.


I will try my best to share whatever I learned in the next few days and try to relive the most beautiful days of my life. I think the only event of my life that could beat this conference would be Hajj/Umrah. Nothing else. SubhanAllah. We also had a brother take  Shahadah and tons of Muslims who renewed theirs. Alhamdolilah.

A lot of interesting things happened since Friday and let’s just say this conference will remain the most beautiful event of my life.

May Allah SWT bless the organizers, the volunteers, the speakers, the audience and all those who wished to take part in it with Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.

Whenever this Nasheed by Sh. Mishary Afasy will play anywhere I go, I know a lot of wonderful memories of this Conference will come back…

Another conference ends with lots of refreshed hopes and goals to become a better Muslim and come closer to Allah SWT. I hope I’m alive until 2012 to experience the next conference inshaa’Allah…52 weeks left! :)

Will be coming soon with more updates on what I learned! TO BE continued…

P.S. A treat we had Friday night: You can check it out here!


4 Responses to “One Ummah Conference 2011”

  1. MashaAllah! This is one thing I miss about Calgary, and truly wish was there for such events.

  2. Walaykum assalaam wa rahmatullah wa barkatahu.

    Yes; had the opportunity to live in Calgary for a few years, alhamdulillah.

    Jazakallah khayr Wa salaam.

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