UmmS. and her ‘UmmS-ness’

Doing this makes me laugh. It’s alright to behave like a child at times. I think.

I just got so excited that Sh. Muhammad al Shareef addressed me out of ALL people. Remember that Sahabi who got the sword from Rasulalah SAW and he RA strutted with that sword? Not creating a similitude but just telling that’s a small fraction of how I feel… subhanAllah.

I respect Sh. Muhammad immensely for his knowledge and his practical guidelines to apply it.

SO yeah, we’ve almost got this cup inshaa’Allah.

Vote for us! :D

It’s time for UK, USA and Toronto to take a hike. We’re taking this and Allah SWT will definitely grant victory to QNasr in Dunia and Akhira inshaa’Allah.

Competition for the sake of Allah SWT inshaa’Allah.

I just wanted to preserve this memory… because UmmS.’s cool like that.


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