‘Not So Valentine’ and Other Things

On the same note: I’m planning or I think it’s better to say that I have planned to work on a post regarding ‘offspring’ bi’itniAllahi ta’la’. That’s because I’ve had countless people who’ve searched for ‘dua for offspring’ being directed to my blog. YES! I do have a duaa for the offspring and that’s from the Quraan and not fabricated mumbo jumbo. Obviously some people already know that.

I’m just glad that with tons of wrong information on the internet, people got directed here. Alhamdolilah. But I also know people resort to practices non-Islamic to fulfill their desire to have children. I do know the biology of what cells are used etc. for such practices which makes it clear why some of the new technologies are haram but I’m not going to dwell on such things since I feel incompetent in the Islamic perspective on it. You’d have to be a Faqih for it. For quick reference, you can search on a website totally dedicated to Muslimah motherhood called, Mum Loves Me. This website has a few sections/articles just for members so I take no responsibility for what’s in them since I am not a member or even a regular reader. Also, some people end up doing Shirk in the process of their duaa being accepted. Very problematic. SubhanAllah.

In my post, I’ll deal with not what you can do medically but rather what you can do spiritually to obtain any type of Rizq, including lovely kids, inshaa’Allah. All in the context of Quraan and Sunnah.Despite having a strong scientific background (and inclinations), I personally believe many diseases/illnesses/deficiencies can be sorted out by removing spiritual diseases/illnesses/deficiencies and using authentic Prophetic medicine. Just need that conviction which is lacking in many of us.

Why am I saying all this in this post? I like to commit myself publicly so that I feel ‘pressurized’ to actually get to write a post. It’s been on my mind. So many things are. Never get the chance to do it.

Ok that’s that.

Please do remember to recite the duaa that Sh. Navaid Aziz mentioned with utmost conviction. It is useful for everyone because all of us fall either in the category of married (and so need to work on our marriage) or some of you may fall in the category of ‘looking-to-get-married’.

Wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah,



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