On Qadr and Submission

“Allah `azza wa jall said: ‘Verily, from amongst My slaves is he whose faith cannot be rectified except by being inflicted with poverty, and were I to enrich him, it would surely corrupt him. Verily, from amongst My slaves is he whose faith cannot be rectified except by wealth and affluence, and were I to deprive him, it would surely corrupt him. Verily, from amongst My slaves is he whose faith cannot be rectified except by good health, and were I to make him sick, it would surely corrupt him. Verily, from amongst My slaves is he whose faith cannot be rectified except by disease and illness, and were I to make him healthy, it would surely corrupt him. Verily, from amongst My slaves is he who seeks worship by a certain act but I prevent that from him so that self-amazement does not enter his heart. Certainly, I run the affairs of My slaves by My Knowledge of what is in their hearts. Certainly, I am the All-Knower, All-Aware’.” [Tabarani]

SubhanAllah. That’s it then. An answer to everything.

And look at Allah SWT’s Mercy within that thing we may see as a trial! Allahu Akbar! We are totally deficient in our foresight.

Have to keep rolling ON like a ball no matter how many frictions are there on the surface.

This reminds me of a hadith that changed my life:

Narrated Abu Hurairah RA : Allah’s Apostle SAW said, “The example of a believer is that of a fresh tender plant; from whatever direction the wind comes, it bends it, but when the wind becomes quiet, it becomes straight again. Similarly, a believer is afflicted with calamities (but he remains patient till Allah removes his difficulties). And an impious wicked person is like a pine tree which keeps hard and straight till Allah cuts (breaks) it down when He wishes.” [Sahih Bukhari, # 547, Source]

And besides if you sought an act of worship but it didn’t work out the way you wished then maybe Allah SWT wants you to become closer to Him through your patience rather than that specific act of worship. With patience, all doors of goodness open up including Allah SWT being with you at all times. If you achieve that then the purpose of your initial worship has been fulfilled but in a different manner. A manner more beautiful and a manner that elevates your status even more!

Allah SWT says:

‘Certainly, I run the affairs of My slaves by My Knowledge of what is in their hearts. Certainly, I am the All-Knower, All-Aware.’

This is how Ibrahim AS submitted, almost instantaneously:

And who turns away from the religion of Ibrâhim (Abraham) (i.e. Islâmic Monotheism) except him who befools himself? Truly, We chose him in this world and verily, in the Hereafter he will be among the righteous. When his Lord said to him, “Submit (i.e. be a Muslim)!” He said, “I have submitted myself (as a Muslim) to the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists).” [Surah Al Baqarah, 2:130-131]

And what has Allah SWT said for such a person?

Yes, but whoever submits his face (himself) to Allâh (i.e. follows Allâh’s Religion of Islâmic Monotheism) and he is a Muhsin then his reward is with his Lord (Allâh), on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. [Surah Al Baqarah, 2:112]

No fear for future. No grief/regrets for past.

Now wouldn’t all of us want that?

Let us then, close our eyes and take a deep breath and whole-heartedly submit to the One who Knows us inside-out! Let’s turn towards Him alone. He will secure our future and He SWT will secure our present which will tomorrow become our past. A secure future and past means automatically a healthy and secure present. SubhanAllah!

May Allah SWT empower us with complete submission as demonstrated by those whom He SWT favoured. May we only long for His Pleasure.Ameen.

4 Responses to “On Qadr and Submission”

  1. Apologise for getting in touch.

    I need your help. Been a silent reader of your so far, but I have the need to “speak”.

    I am in turmoil since late, at certain times I am reminded of past sins, either by waswas or via things/places/words that trigger of past memories- I pray fervently for these to go away. They upset and depress me. Sometimes they go away and then at times I do something to negate their effects, either by getting up and doing some ibadah.

    I also have in my possession items that reminds me of the past sins. I dont know what to do, should I dispose of them? I do not want to be classed as one of those that was “wasteful” or “extravagance”. My other option is to give away to charity, but I feel guilty for doing so, my sins are associated with them, and to give them to someone else as they are tarnished with my sins but the items in themselves are intact. (I am not sure if I am explaining this right, similar to having limbs but using them incorrectly, in way of disobedience to allah, but the limbs themselves are not to blame but the heart that controlled them, these limbs would be fine to give to someone else.) Although nobody knows of this except me and allah. How can I wash these items with my taubah? I kept the items as I had these concerns all this time. But I can’t bear keeping them any longer. I wish to get rid of them. I keep thinking about the past because of them. I just feel stuck, I want to be free of this inferiority complex. I do know if its my concern about the “wastage” aspect or Shaytan retaining my guilt to the point it puts me into dispair as opposed to repentance. I need a way to get out of this

    Sorry to burden you with this, for now I have no choice but to turn to those whose advice has helped me in the past – allhamdillah.

    • Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

      Oh no! Please do not apologize. You’re making me feel awkward by saying that. I hope you do not say this again inshaa’Allah.

      Like I always say, please do not expect me to give you any advice which a Shaykh or proper person of knowledge can give. I would recommend you to go to your local Shaykh/Muslim counsellor to get more appropriate help. This is because I cannot help you if I don’t know your location and the gravity of that specific sin (not saying that smaller sins are any less serious). Location is important to judge what affected you to end up committing that sin.This in turn will help a person judge what should you protect yourself from in future to prevent yourself from sinning.

      A lot of people do not seek help from their local Shaykh out of embarrassment/nervousness but I urge you to do that for your own benefit. It may be a difficult thing to do but it’ll give you more peace by consulting someone of more spiritual authority.

      Since I do not like to turn people away, I will give you advice on the basis of what I do or what I tell close friends to do. But by no means can I classify it as a good piece of advice.

      Giving away items that remind you of your not-so-happy-past is an excellent idea. In fact it’ll heal you and help you forgive yourself. The last thing you want is reminders of your sins which leads you to being more upset. While one should cry constantly of their past sins, it should be done out of hope and fear. Shaytan’s messing up your hope factor. How about if you could, like you said, give it in charity? If it’s clothes then you could wash them, aim for the level of Ihsaan like Aisha RA and perfume them and then give it in charity. Sins are not attached to objects. That’s not a very Islamic mind-frame. If I can recall properly, it’s more of a paganistic mentality so please don’t let yourself even think like that. Think of it this way, you’re going to give away these items to re-install the Hope of Allah SWT in yourself because after giving them away, Shaytan wouldn’t be able to put waswasa in you through those objects.

      Also, if you can, avoid the company of those people who were ‘partners in crime’. Seek refuge in Allah SWT from Shayateen in the form of men and/or Jinn. A lot of people when they come to seek help, upon being given advice, do not really follow what the helper advises them to do. This is because people think that the solution to their huge problems would be something difficult to do. When they’re given a simple solution, they brush it off. However, I’m not going to judge you so I’ll try to say what I say to everyone. If I am sincere enough in my advice, it’ll help you too inshaa’Allah.

      Before that, I want you to experiment. If you are reminded about your sins, analyze how your worship is. And on days when all’s good, analyze how your worship is then. If your level of worship is greater on days when you’re not lamenting over your sins then that’s clearly a waswasa of Shaytaan and his aim is to mess up your ‘Ibadah. If your level of worship is greater on days when you worry about your sins too much then I think that’s a healthy level of reminding yourself about sins. It may not be that black and white but it’ll help you judge where you stand and how it is affecting you.

      For waswasa, now here’s the advice that I’d like to give in the form of questions:
      -How often do you stay in Wudhu? Do you maintain the highest level of purification?
      -How often do you remember to remember Allah SWT before entering your house/leaving your house/daily activities?
      -How often do you pray on time?
      -How often do you read the Quraan? Do you know the verses which Allah SWT uses to remind His Slave of His Mercy?
      -Have you really given up the sins that led you to the sin you’re upset about?
      -I’m going to be blunt: Do you listen to music? Often times, people get reminded about the past by the same song they used to listen to when they were indulged in certain sins.
      -How disciplined are you in reciting the duaas of morning and evening?
      -How many times do you say Istighfaar?
      -Are there more good reminders in your life to become a better Muslim? If there aren’t, why don’t you put reminders (such as sticky notes) in the area where you are all day?
      -Are you alone/not so busy most of the time? If you are, occupy yourself with good people’s company or doing some service for family and friends. Could be even doing people’s groceries…just use yourself in goodness all the time.

      And the easiest solution is seeking Istiadhah by saying ‘Aaoothobillahi min Ashaytan-rajeem’ all the time! It works if you say it with determination and conviction!

      In the book of Hisnul Muslim or ‘fortress of the believer’, look for the duaa of anxiety/worry. In it are some wonderful duaas which I experimented with. They literally cooled my heart and I swear by Allah SWT on that. I said it repeatedly with hope in Allah SWT’s Mercy. Alhamdolilah it helped!

      You can either choose to get back to Allah SWT or remain depressed.
      I can tell you more confidently than ever, it’s Shaytan who’s making you despair. Don’t let your enemy get the better of you. Seriously.

      Hope it helps.
      And Allah SWT knows best.

      P.S. This might be helpful as well: click here.

  2. Salam

    Thank you for your prompt response. I was praying hard lastnight on the way home that you would respond sooner rather than later ofc in that time I thought I have to be patient and endure the pains of the reminders :/

    I dont really want to talk to anybody about this, I am too ashamed, I dont know where I would put my face. I just needed help from anyone who is a muslim and knows their deen to whatever degree, I go by the stance that if allah wills he will put barakah in that persons words, for I have found inspiration in the most unlikest of places. I dont want to talk around my sin to anyone either. Writing is easier. but thank you for your advice, ia I will implement if needed at some other point.

    I will not answer you qs about ibadah in detail if that is okay as I fear my big head will grow. One friend said to me do not focus on the good deed, so much so that you say I did this and feel proud of it, do the deed and move on. I appreaciate the time taken to write each question out. I do not want to say that “I” did/do this as it is not me, but allahamdillah I do most of what you said on your list. Its been a long process but Allah has guided me throughout. A notable experiement, i can already tell you my ibadat suffers more when I am lamenting – I forget to do zikr at this stage I am so freaked about the level of my trangression, I get to the point of despair and then I have to forcefully remind myself that allah’s mercy is boundless. He will forgive me.

    I wish I’d known about the clothes thing before, oh well. I couldnt bear the idea of anyone wearing them, so I cut them up and throw them away. Knowing all the time they were perfectly wearable. How disgusting and pitfull.

    Thank you for your worthy advice, you may not be a scholar but your words are gems.

    Bless u, and love you for the sake of allah swt.

  3. Just wanted to say I managed to ‘dispose’ of the item. Allah swt made it very easy for me, I am humbled at him having replaced it with something better! I feel light and burdenfree, I hope I am forgiven – sooner than later.

    Thank you for your kind words. Your blog is an inspiration. x

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