The Lost Virtues: Rediscovering Excellence

What’s one characteristic (Khasla) have you chosen to model?

Is it cutting of anger? Is it developing bravery, courage and the gheerah to bring back honor?

Or is it having patience no matter what and adhering to your commitments? And having Istiqaamah at all times?

Do select one virtue and adorn yourself with it inshaa’Allah!

SubhanAllah, the mentality! It’s mind-blowing.

Always like to collect a few inspirational words for future reference.

  • An exchange between Hajjaj and Saeed ibn Jubayr (R)

‘Wallahi I’m going to kill you in a way I’ve never killed anyone before! Never will I kill anyone like that after!’

‘Wallahi! How you kill me like this you’ll be killed in the HereAfter!’

‘Your life is over!’

‘Then you would have ruined my dunia! But I’m going to ruin your Akhira!’

Saeed ibn Jubayr (R) died as a Shaheed.

  • ‘Women do not have lesser responsibilities. Hafsa, the wife of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz, used to donate money like you do it in the game of monopoly.’

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