“Abi, when will we ever relax?”

The son of a famous Imam, Abdullah, asked him once:

“Abi when will we ever relax?”

His father, one of the greatest revivers of the Sunnah and a role model for all Muslims, looked him in the eye and said:

With the first step we take into Jannah.”

Beautifully wise! :)

The father was none other than Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (R). What an inspirational personality that even after his death, his few words are so motivating! Imagine living with such pious people who are pumped up with that determination to do good deeds. Allahu Akbar! Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

Found this from an extremely beneficial article (click here) that all of us must read when we’re very tired. I think this reminder was especially helpful for me because I have been very busy for the past few days and am deadly tired at Ishaa’ time. SubhanAllah.

Do share it with others too!


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