Muslimah Culture Collage: P.S. I love you

That’s what I call myself. A Cultural Collage or a cultural cocktail. Take your pick.

I love all cultures and the vibrant colours they bring with them. Lately, I am a little annoyed by my very own culture because it’s oppressive and doesn’t give Islamic values preference but honestly besides that, cultures intrigue me.

In one of my classes, I have become good friends with two ladies, one is Russian and the other is Greek. The former has married an Egyptian who I feel is not a Muslim. But subhanAllah what a different match! And the Greek lady’s partner is Dutch. So very interesting.

I have a Pakistani friend married to a Muslim gentleman from Venezuala and a Canadian friend married to a Bengali brother. SubhanAllah!

My brother calls me Lebaneestani and I’ve been an Egyptian-at-heart since God knows when.  I’m falling in love with the Somalis and Eritreans because they’re beaaaaautiful people with beeeeautiful sisterly love. And somehow whenever I meet Muslimahs, I instantly click more with Gujaratis, i.e. special subtype of Indians. I love Hyderabadis for their mannerisms and people from Brunei and Indonesia are the sweetest people ever. Latinos are so down-to-earth and oh my word, Srilankians here are one of the best Muslim communities EVER. Bengalis have been my friends since childhood and it seems as if they’re from me and I’m from them. SubhanAllah! Saudis, Emiratis and Iraqis instantly hug me tightly when they meet me for the first time and I’m the ‘gang leader’ of Kashmiris. Algerians and Libyans rock my world. Hehe. (Did I miss anyone? Please forgive me!)

I wish I could travel the world, especially those small islands in the Carribeans which have no-one visiting. I just want to go there and spread some love of Allah SWT. It’s beautiful…these cultures are so beautiful that it’s hard for me to position myself under one flag. Of course that’s partly because I have lived all my life in a multicultural environment but really my heart belongs to every country which has Muslims.

I recently met a Tibetian lady. Not a Muslim but inshaa’Allah Allah SWT will give her hidaya. The day I met her, I was like a wide-eyed kid all evening. My only prior exposure to Tibet was Tintin in Tibet. It fascinates me to meet so many interesting people and oddily enough, I seem to connect so well with people from every culture. Alhamdolilah. I should’ve taken International Relations as a major…and I could’ve become an Ambassador. Wow, now that’d be super cool.

I had a Chinese colleague ask me for a recipe for Butter Chicken and my other Canadian colleague gifted him with the  Desi Instant-Mix of Butter Chicken and a recipe on Christmas. I was like mashaa’Allah. Butter Chicken has that effect…it connects humanity. Hehe.

By the way, did you guys know there was this Chinese Admiral called Zheng He who’s believed to have discovered the Americas before Columbus? He was a Muslim and I believe his current family (his offspring) are still Muslims…don’t know whether practising or not. However, it’s just a hypothesis proposed by archaeologists and historians that it was Zheng He who discovered that area before Columbus.I honestly got so excited when I found that out. Just the idea of a Muslim Chinese Admiral AND EXPLORER who knew Arabic is quite fascinating. Why don’t such Muslims exist anymore?


I wouldn’t mind becoming an explorer who calls people to Islam but everything’s been explored. Sigh.

I wish to meet Turkish,Norweigan, Dutch, Spanish, Greek,French (European in general) and Filipino Muslims.

For now I’ll have to make do with the ones here. Alhamdolilah.

Just missing Ramadan nights and meeting people from such different cultures.

I have been thinking where do I really belong? I may not belong anywhere geographically because yeah I belong in Jannah alright…hehe (inshaa’Allah)… but I do want to belong in people’s hearts inshaa’Allah.

Anas RA said that a man was with the Prophet (peace be upon him), when another man passed by. The first man said, “O Messenger of Allah, indeed I truly love this man.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked him, “Have you let him know that?” He said, “No.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Tell him.” He caught up with him and told him, “Truly I love you for the sake of Allah,” and the man said, “May Allah love you who loves me for His sake.” [Abu Dawud]

Taking Rasulalah SAW’s advice seriously, here’s what I’d like to say:

Know whoever you are, wherever you live, I love all my Muslimahs…because our hearts beat for Tawheed and they’ll keep beating for Tawheed. You all fit beautifully like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, in the cultural collage and life’s just so bland without any of you. So be comfortable in your skin for it’s Allah SWT who chose that skin especially for you!

Indeed Islam increases sisterhood and may Allah SWT increase us in His Love.Ameen.

Random post but just thought I’d spread some love for the Sake of Allah SWT.

Please remember me in your duaas. 

Wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah,



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