Just for a Laugh>>Lineage and the ‘Halalness’ of Animal

“What if the animal is the offspring of one halal animal and one haram animal?

Scholars say that anytime a child is born, the child will be given the lineage of father.

If the father is haraam, the child is haraam. If the father is halaal, the child is halaal.”

[Sh. Yasir Qadhi, Fiqh of Food and Clothing]


We were all deep into the rulings on land animals and Sh. Yasir began with a very serious straight face, like how he usually is. Then as soon as he finished the above statements, he suddenly started laughing and when we understood it, it made us crack up too.

Maybe halalness is a heritable trait. That’s just a Muslim biologist’s joke.

So for example, for a mule–> the mother is a horse and the father is a donkey–>which makes the mule by default haram. By the way all 3 Madhahib except Hanafi Madhab (not a surprise), consider horses halal.

A hinny on the other hand has a mother who’s a donkey and a father who’s horse. This makes hinny halal by lineage. Thanks to Sh. Kamal el Mekki for this.

Isn’t learning Fiqh fun?

Afterall a Faqih should know a bit about genetics and biology.

Alhamdolilah! Alhamdolilah! Alhamdolilah!

I’ve got an edge over others if I want to be a Faqiha inshaa’Allah.



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