A Surah of 1000 Benefits : Surah Yusuf

‘Beautiful Surah of a beautiful person showing beautiful patience!’

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

I know I’ve said it every time I attend a gathering of ‘Ilm but honestly, nothing’s better than spending even a few minutes in the study of Islam. Imagine if we spent more time and effort, without any doubt that’d change us of course by the Will of Allah SWT. I guess it’s not that we can’t become better Muslims. It’s just that we don’t give ourselves the chance to. And that’s unfair because we are then doing injustice to ourselves in terms of what we can achieve in Akhirah. Allah SWT didn’t put a stop to our khayr in that sense. When we seek hidaya, He SWT gives it to us.

I’m missing the class already and I think it’d be heavenly to look forward to something as uplifting as this after a long week of dunia’s struggle. But I guess this waiting would be sweet because it’ll give me the promise of getting closer to Allah SWT. So all good alhamdolilah. I knew this before I had gone through this Surah and now the wish has only become stronger…and that is, I would like to know the Book of Allah SWT from cover to cover. I mean I just can’t go on like this anymore. It’s too beautiful to let go of it…to die without knowing it. SubhanAllah. What could be worse than dying without having the blessing of thinking about each verse in the Quraan? I just hope from Allah SWT that I don’t die such a death and that He SWT grants me enough time to give the Book its Haqq. Inshaa’Allah.

Now after sharing my feelings (which I absolutely had to), I’d like to share a few benefits from what we’ve covered so far. I know if I put it off, I’ll never get myself to do this post. So I must do it right now and I must do it quick before Shaytaan or my nafs makes me forget.

SO let’s get started:

Cool Things about this Surah

  • Imam ibn al Qayyim (R) has said in his book Al-Daa’ wa Al Dawaa’ that Surah Yusuf only has a 1000 benefits.
    • I feel so far this Surah has touched upon many diseases of the heart and so to me these benefits seem like cures in a way. So any person who wishes to learn how to do Tazkiyah or purification of their soul, must understand this Surah.
  • It’s the first Surah which was revealed as a whole and not in bits like other Surahs. Also, it sticks to one subject matter whereas other Surahs discuss a variety of topics. This in of itself makes this Surah very unique.
  • Reason for revealation (you’re going to love this if you didn’t know this already): Scholars say that this Surah was revealed in the later Makkan period during the Year of Sorrow. That was when Prophet SAW lost his emotional pillar, his beloved wife, i.e. Khadija RA. He also lost his security pillar, his uncle Abu Talib. He was ill-treated by the people of Ta’if in the most inhumane manner. So Allah SWT revealed this Surah Yusuf to motivate Prophet SAW that people before him had too gone through difficulties.
    • There’s not a single human being who doesn’t face difficulties and there’s not a single human being who cannot be disheartened at times. The Prophet SAW got motivation from His Rabb. And this has been preserved for us to seek motivation from as well. You needn’t resort to any human to seek help. Just open up to Surah # 12 and start reading the Quraan. It’ll act as an amazing reminder inshaa’Allah.
  • This Surah shows how a young boy thrown into the well, then taken into slavery, then imprisoned…actually becomes a governor! This shows that the whole world can forget you but Allah SWT doesn’t forget His slave. SubhaaanAllah! Isn’t that a comforting thought? The beauty of this thought is that, we need Allah SWT and we’re so insignificant…but He SWT remembers us if we’re true Muslims.
  • This Surah is a perfect example of the verse of which the explanation is :’with every hardship is ease’.

Gems/Benefits from Verses 1-6, you may want to refer to this.

Verse 1:Alif-Lâm-Râ. These are the Verses of the Clear Book.

  • The Surah begins with Huroof al Muqataa’aat which means the ‘Disjointed’ Letters. Only Allah SWT knows best what these letters mean and we have no business in going about trying to figure it out. However that does not mean that it is insignificant for us to ponder over its placement. Whenever these letters are seen, this reminds a human who is arrogant about his knowledge that ultimate knowledge belongs to Allah SWT. Br. Aboo Thabit said that even for example Ibn Abbas RA, the famous interpreter of the Quraan, one of the most knowledgeable Sahabi, had to refer knowledge back to Allah SWT.
  • For me it refreshes my connection with Tawheed and hence with Allah SWT in 3 ways:
    1. Reminds me of Tawheed ar-Ruboobiyah: because Ruboobiyah is every action of Allah SWT’s towards His Creation, for e.g. giving/taking away of life, giving sustenance etc. These letters remind me of His Ruboobiyah in that He SWT is the Only One who sent this down and revealed it. This action is from a Higher Source, i.e. Allah SWT, towards us and it affirms His Lordship.
    2. Reciting of these words is an act of worship, therefore it fulfills Tawheed al-Uloohiyah, i.e. Allah SWT’s Rights to be worshipped.
    3. These letters actually pose a challenge to any smarty-pants-Arabic-linguist that ‘come up with something like that if you think you’re better’. This therefore makes it extremely clear that Allah SWT has ultimate Knowledge and so it affirms Tawheed Al-Asmaa wal-Sifaat (His Names and Attributes).
  • ‘Al Mubeen’ refers to clear within itself (no contradictions) + makes other things clear. I thought about it and the image that came into my mind in reference to clarity is that…imagine your glasses perfectly made with no manufacturer’s defect and their lenses are perfectly transparent and are nicely cleaned. So not only is your pair of glasses itself free of flaw, when you see through it makes everything else is clear too. You focus better, you see better. That’s my idea of the Quraan. It acts like a mirror to show you your reflection, where you stand and also clears out one’s concept of dunia. Alhamdolilah.
  • Br. Aboo Thabit shared a story with us about this man who became a Muslim soon after reading the first 2 verses of the Surah Al Baqarah: ‘Alif-Lâm-Mîm. This is the Book (the Qur’ân), whereof there is no doubt…’ And he said that was because authors of all books have a preface or a ‘foreword’ in which they make excuses for any mistakes that may be in their work. They also sometimes say that if there’s any mistake then they should be informed and corrected. However, it can only be a true Lord who can make such a bold statement that there’s no contradiction and mistake in it. So this man became a Muslim. SubhanAllah! :)

Verse 2: Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’ân in order that you may understand.

  • Important point for the perfectness of our belief and thus Aqeedah: the words ‘We have sent down’ shows that Allah SWT is above His Throne because one can only send down something when one is above it. It’s contrary to the belief of the deviant groups which claim Allah SWT is everywhere. He SWT is everywhere with His Knowledge but it doesn’t befit His Majesty to be ‘everywhere’. He is where which is most befitting for His Majesty. End of story.
  • ‘Arabic Quraan’ : Scholars say that Quraan is the best of books and the best of languages in terms of its eloquence has been selected for it. Therefore, that makes it clear to us the superiority of the Arabic language and further illustrates its importance.

Verse 3: We relate unto you (Muhammad SAW) the best of stories through Our Revelations unto you, of this Qur’ân. And before this (i.e. before the coming of Divine Revelation to you), you were among those who knew nothing about it (the Qur’ân)

  • Scholars say that ‘Best of stories’ could either mean directly to the Quraan,i.e. it being Ahsanul Qasas or may refer to this Surah specifically being the best of Stories. Allah SWT knows best.
  • The Arabic word ‘Daalun’, really means being unaware of this story in this context and not ‘misguided’.

Verse 4 : (Remember) when Yûsuf (Joseph) said to his father: “O my father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon,— I saw them prostrating themselves to me.”

  • Prophet Yusuf AS was of a noble lineage of Prophets. His father was Prophet Yaqub AS, his grandfather was Prophet Ishaaq AS and his great grandfather was Prophet Ibrahim AS. There’s a hadith (which I have to find a reference for) regarding this.
  • Okay so I loved this and I wish I could call my dad this but he’s going to be shocked if I do. So I’m not going to. What I’m referring to is how Prophet Yusuf AS addresses his father…if you look at the Arabic words, it says ‘Ya Abbati’ instead of ‘Ya Abi’ which we all know means ‘O father’. Now the difference between ‘Ya Abbati’ and ‘Ya Abi’ is that the former shows more affection and respect. This tells us how beautifully we should address of our parents. Even Ibrahim AS who’s father was a Mushrik, still addressed his father using the same words of affection and respect. That says a LOT. I mean nowadays most of the people I’ve met call it being ‘formal’ and indirectly mean that it’s ‘uncool’. I feel that one should show respect even in their words whether to strangers or those dear because that is the mannerism of noble people such as the Prophets. And noble manners takes you places…in terms of both dunia and Akhira.
  • Also regarding parents, an individual said to Umar bin Khattab RA that he did a certain act for his mother and would that be enough to repay for his mother’s upbringing him etc. Umar bin Khattab RA replied, ‘You do this hoping that she dies, she did this hoping that you’d live (meaning when he was an infant)!’ SubhanAllah. That is a killer statement.
  • Prostration here refers to more appropriately a mannerism of greeting and not worship.
  • Another name of Yaqub AS is Israeel, which in Hebrew is the word for Abdullah.

Verse 5 : He (the father) said: “O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers, lest they arrange a plot against you. Verily! Shaitân (Satan) is to man an open enemy!

  • Again, look at the Arabic words for ‘O my Son’ and you’ll see the affection the father shows. This tells us that we should show affection in our addressing our loved ones. And that if you show affection, you’ll get it back. Keep trying if it doesn’t work for a first few times!
  • One can only imagine what a blessed household this may be in which the family members addressed each other with such love! Nowadays nobody has the ‘time’ to even say a few words, let alone words of respect and love.
  • Shaytan is an open enemy for us so we should also take him as an open enemy! Like if we are in danger, we’re always on guard because we’ve accepted that certain thing is danger…likewise, not until we take Shaytan as an enemy, will we really act in accordance with that mental schema.
  • One shouldn’t relate their good dream to anyone else except : (1) someone who sincerely loves you and/or (2)’Aalim who can interpret.
  • This also tells us that the brothers of Yusuf AS can’t be Prophets because they are said to be able to ‘plot against’ him.

Verse 6: “Thus will your Lord choose you and teach you the interpretation of dreams (and other things) and perfect His Favour on you and on the offspring of Ya’qûb (Jacob), as He perfected it on your fathers, Ibrahîm (Abraham) and Ishâq (Isaac) aforetime! Verily, your Lord is All-Knowing, All-Wise.”

  • Scholars say that it is Yaqub AS continuing the speech.
  • Yaqub AS could interpret dreams and so would his son very soon. ‘Like father, like son.’ So if the father’s pious, the son will be as well inshaa’Allah. A good Naseeha for all parents.


I won’t continue more than this in one post because I know one needs a lot of patience to read longer posts anyway.Inshaa’Allah I’ll update this over the week. Stay tuned! :) Whatever I learned is too precious not to share and too precious for all of you to not benefit from. May Allah SWT give me the taufeeq to share whatever I learned in a proper manner.Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


26 Responses to “A Surah of 1000 Benefits : Surah Yusuf”

  1. I just read Surah Yusuf, it was beautiful and it brought so much peace to my soul. Thank you for this, it was really nice to learn the benefits of this Surah.

  2. Beautifully written mashallah! I wish to read more of your modern and ‘cool’ interpretations.

  3. ceesay muhammed Says:

    beautiful soorah.
    I love it wholeheartedly. Especially when recited by Sheik Maher AL Muaiqly.

  4. Ibrahim Nihad Says:

    Jazakallah Khairan! this is a very good start. May Almighty Allah bless you! Aameen

  5. Are there notes on the rest of the surah too? :)

  6. Sheikh Shuraim OLD surah yusuf, the BEST you’ll ever hear, try it inshaAllah

  7. Beautifull surah, may ALLAH grant you peace and mercy. I have named my son after this surah after going through many difficulties with my brothers and sisters and even my mother.

  8. lovely said

  9. Where is the rest please ????

  10. Nasreen Says:

    Subhanallah. I will start reading from today. Thank you.

  11. Mirza mohammad rashid Alam Says:

    I like to know that reading surah yousafe every day increase your memory power,is this benifit exit in it, please help me in this matter.
    Assalam al kum with many thanks

    • Syed Shaokat Hussein Says:

      What I have read from different books is that if u read this surah your face will be enlightened. If some one has lost his position he will resume with more dignity.
      God says this is the best story revealed in Qura’an. Whos is saying……God. This click to me and I started reqding daily and learning lot of lessons from this surah since eight months. I am analyzing every Aya and learning lot of lessons like syedna Yousuf says to his brothers when every thing was open between them and they also recognize him(La tasreeba alaikumul yaum) Today there is no accusation from my side while he was the king and he could take revenge but he forgave them. consequent to this he saved himself from lot of resentments, enemity and worst consequences which his father syedna Yaqoob Alayhissalato wassal might not liked this. Prohet (SAWS) also said after Mecca was conquered that today I also say like my brother Yousuf that I have forgiven and give protection to every one who takesshelter in Mecca and abu sufian house even in his own house.

      I wish my every brother read this surah with translation and tafseer and analyze and think and concentrate and learn.
      Shaokat hussein

  12. a.a .. If you live in mississauga Ontario theres an islamic school named Alhuda .. On the weekends theres a course in which you learn tafseer with word to word translation of the Quran .. It is ammazing over there .. they are spreading the true deen rather then made up one .. if you have time just for 2 hours stop by and have a look .. i am also a student there…

    “Allah says: Rather, you prefer the life of this world although the hereafter is better and more lasting“

    try to take out some time and strive for the casue of allah .. cause whenever you go to learn something about the deen its as though you went out for the casue of allah…


    i started getting benefits after reciting this surah

  14. Alhamdolillah! more power i like it.

  15. Lawal Ali Garba Says:

    I will love to get the continuation of these benefits.

  16. Will love to read continuation of these benefits of Surah Yusuf from Verse 7. Thank you.

  17. beautiful

  18. Sana Mariyam Says:

    MashaAllah..may Allah rabbulizzat guide us to the straight path and give u and us honour, health, love and noor..ameen

  19. Subhan Allah.real thankx for this detail.jzak Allah

  20. Masha Allah wanna use some of these benefits in next high school khutbah!! inshAllah, when can we expect more?

  21. habiba dadi Says:

    Masha Allah Surah Yusuf was beautiful… I’m glad to know it’s meaning, i love reciting it wallah I love it with all my heart especially when recited by sheikh Abubakar shatri.

  22. JaxakAllah

  23. Ma sha Allah ! and Jazak Allah for writing :)

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