Testimonial for Br. Aboo Thabit’s Tafseer Class

I loved it subhanAllah.

The pace and the seriousness were very appropriate. I really liked how he included bits of Aqeedah and naseeha of social mannerisms with one’s parents, in it. He also talked about jealousy and how devastating of a disease it is. I took some notes but I need to think over them before I post. We got two homework questions which I have no clue about.

Alhamdolilahhhh what an Eeman booster the first few verses have been. We did till verse 20 so y’all still have time to join tomorrow. But yeah whoever missed, missed BIG TIME. So regret people, regret! And no, listening to the recording doesn’t give you that ‘awesome’ feeling.I love making people regret if they don’t show up out of laziness. However, if you genuinely wanted to come and couldn’t make it, I understand.

By the way I have no familial affiliation with Br. Aboo Thabit in any possible way and I don’t work underground for him. He’s my brother in Islam who did a good job and I ask you all to join me in learning from him inshaa’Allah. Erm… so I’m not that annoying telemarketer.

I’m extremely happy alhamdolilah. I was dozing off when the class was going to start because it has been a long difficult day. I got involved in a car accident when I was off on my daily routine. Alhamdolilah nobody got hurt bad although I was wobbly all day. Hehe. To top it off I had to take the bus and to reach the bus stop, I almost slipped face-first three times. The road was horrifyingly slippery even though my snow shoes are pretty good. SubhanAllah. I missed death and harm so narrowly today that it’ll take me a lot of courage to step outside on a day when the snow’s melted. Yet, I’m very grateful that He SWT allowed me some more time to do good deeds such as listening to Br. Aboo Thabit’s class. How easily we take things such as walkable piece of land …and time specifically for granted…just realized that today. What a great wake-up call! Nobody can imagine what a big scare it was for me. But I am pleased with whatever happened because He SWT decreed it for me and He SWT made it a means of hidaya for me.

I hope He SWT forgives me and makes me do acts of goodness that ward away His Wrath and that I do actions which only bring Mercy in my life and Akhira. I also pray that He SWT protects all Muslims and if He SWT Wills to test us, then may Allah SWT grant us patience to endure that pain associated with the trial , whether emotional or physical. Whether within ourselves or outside.Ameen.

I’m so awake now that I could give an entire lecture and I’m so happy right now that I could jump. But I don’t want anyone to suspect my sanity since it’s late.

So please join the class for tomorrow.

Be there or be square!

Wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah,


P.S. do pray for my safety as you pray for yourself and your family inshaa’Allah. And if I end up dying and don’t show up on this blog, be a witness of anything good you’ve seen/read/heard me doing…and make a duaa for me sincerely. JazakummAllahu khayran.


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