Free LIVE class: Tafseer Surah Yusuf [RESTARTS this Friday inshaa’Allah]

Dearest Ahl-ul Rafeeqal ‘Ala inshaa’Allah,

The timings have changed so please make a note of that and re-register for new classes. Br. Aboo Thabit said that there have been a lot of rains in KSA which is why the net connection has been giving trouble. So please make duaa that it works out this time around…and do join the class. JazakummAllahu khayran.

Wishing everyone a glorious Friday!

Please remember me in your duaas.



P.S. Like the colour of the font? Alhamdolilah, easy on the eyes, no?


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

This Friday (Feb4) and¬†Saturday (Feb 5) at 9:30pm MST, 11:30pm EST and 7:30am Makkah standard (?) time inshaa’Allah begins Br. Aboo Thabit’s class on Surah Yusuf. Of course a topic that no one would want to miss. We all should strive to exercise the highest form of patience or beautiful patience and learn all about it.

(pls ignore the timings in the pic above, now we have new timings alhamdolilah)

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for whatever this brother says because this would be my first time listening to him. He’s currently a student of Islamic University of Madeenah. Ahem. So yeah, inshaa’Allah all good.

To register:

–create an account on

–click here and then on the weblinks of the upcoming classes (Sat+Sun)

–click on ‘Join Class’

That’s it, you’re good to go inshaa’Allah.

Please spread the word with the disclaimer of course.


4 Responses to “Free LIVE class: Tafseer Surah Yusuf [RESTARTS this Friday inshaa’Allah]”

  1. as-salam3laykum

    [Guess I was too excited and didn’t notice the dates. UmmS. is aging. Apologize for any inconvenience caused!]

    what did you mean by this, sister?

    • Walaykum asalam warahmatullah,

      You needn’t worry about it dear. It’s taken care of.

      P.S. will get back to your email/comments a.s.a.p. Just stuck in a lot of work right now.

  2. thanks for sharing ! I’ll surely check this out = )

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