Istikhara: Divine Compass/GPS?

A lot of people struggle with the whole concept of Istikhara and make such a beautiful thing difficult.

And then there are some weird dream perceptions associated with it.

Khayr, after a sister asked about it, I thought I’d share my favourite video/lecture on it which is clear and concise.

Be enlightened and lighten your head:

My understanding of this lecture is that:

-Seek consultation from people around you (experts/people of knowledge) and do Istikhara. (My suggestion: don’t seek consultation from the whole world…just a few people who are sincere(to you), righteous, are neutral and less opinionated)

-Take action: follow your inclination on the basis of Deen (first)

-If it’s bad for your Dunia and Deen, it’ll be removed in the most interesting ways.

-If it’s good for your Dunia and Deen, no matter how difficult it seems to you and no matter how many people agree/disagree, Allah SWT will make it happen!

-Patience is required. Something that seems impossible may be made possible and something that seems possible may be made impossible…one must be willing to submit to His Decision because after all you have sought consultation from Your Rabb! Lots of people forget that.

-Many people use Istikhara only for marriage purposes. No, you can use it for other non-trivial decision-making matters which haven’t been addressed by the Shariah already.

-In this process, one should have highest form of hope from Allah SWT that whatever will happen, it’ll happen for one’s own good and not lose trust in Allah SWT’s Decision. One should leave all the affairs to Him…and one should kick back and relax…and let his/her Rabb unfold events.

-If you sought Istikhara sincerely seeking His Counsel and with Deen being your primary focus, then no matter what happens, rest assured you’ll be extremely happy and content with it inshaa’Allah. It’s my guarantee. Some brothers and sisters become disappointed at times but really if you did it with a sincere heart, He SWT will unveil the dangers/negativities of something you initially wanted (such as a cellphone plan) even though you couldn’t see that earlier. This unveiling then is His Ultimate form of Mercy to settle those hearts who love Him but still at times become uneasy. He SWT never deserts those who truly seek His Pleasure and He SWT is always with the ones who trust Him completely without any doubt even if there are many risks involved in a certain decision.

—side note: those who become disappointed should be extra cautious not to say a single word of impatience because who knows that not having your Istikhara be led to what you want, is in of itself a test. Do not let your desires and wishes blind you from the reality of Akhira. Whether you get what you want or not, that shouldn’t be the focus of a true Muslim. This dunia is going to end and let not your wishes for this dunia make you forget its temporary nature and the everlasting nature of Jannah inshaa’Allah. You’ll get what you want in Jannah. Just be a little patient. If the heart’s still upset, ask yourself one question :’can my decision ever be better than Allah SWT’s? Do I know more or my Rabb?’ Inshaa’Allah this will act as a good wake-up call to just realize in which scary direction the thoughts were heading.

And Allah SWT knows best.


One Response to “Istikhara: Divine Compass/GPS?”

  1. JazakaAlla khayr. This was very beneficial, alhamdulillah. :-)

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