Becoming a Friend of Allah SWT amidst Distractions

Sometimes I question myself what is it that attracts me so strongly towards the personality of Ibrahim Alayhi salam.

There’s something about Ibrahim AS, even though we don’t know all about him…whatever we know, is enough for million of generations to seek inspiration from.

I think for me was his conviction that stood out in every trial he faced. His Extreme Trust on Allah SWT. It has worked for me every time. He had singled himself out for Allah SWT and His Friendship. He did not care about anything when it came to His Commands.

His words saved in the Quraan are so precious to me which I use every single time I need to motivate myself:

Say (O Muhammad SAW): “Verily, my Salât (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists) [Surah Al An’aam, 6:162]

And who can be better in religion than one who submits his face (himself) to Allâh (i.e. follows Allâh’s religion of Islâmic Monotheism); and he is a Muhsin. And follows the religion of Ibrâhim (Abraham) Hanifa (Islâmic Monotheism – to worship none but Allâh Alone). And Allâh did take Ibrâhim (Abraham) as a Khalil (an intimate friend)! (Surah An Nisaa, 4:125)

He had a family, he had responsibilities but in everything he did, he tried to earn the Pleasure of Allah SWT. Look at the incentive at the end of the above ayah! :)


Could anything be better than that?


On every rung of the ladder to become Allah SWT’s friend is a trial. And in every trial would be a test of your confidence and your trust in Allah SWT.

Every time you’re facing a situation in which there’s no one to help you, just imagine how Ibrahim AS behaved when he was going to be thrust into fire. At such a time, most people feel that they are ‘dead-meat’. That there’s nothing that could help them out. Most of us have that fear that surfaces first on the heart rather than the element of conviction that Ibrahim AS had. He was asked by Angels if he was in need of any help. He responded in the most magnificient manner saying that he wasn’t in need of the Angels. How would’ve we behaved? We would’ve been like ‘YES PLEASE! Get us OUT OF HERE!’ Ibrahim AS knew that Allah SWT is on his side that’s why he was independent from dependency on all the creations!

And when we become Allah SWT’s close Friend, then Allah SWT says:

And to Allâh belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allâh is Ever Encompassing all things. ( Surah An-Nisaa, 4: 126)

So Allah SWT will make the whole universe revolve to facilitate you! All you have to do is make His Pleasure the focus of your life!

It is only His Friendship that is helpful.

All of us can find that strength within ourselves and once we find that strength, nobody can make us doubt ourselves and dampen our conviction in our Rabb. There’d be numerous people who would push you to not have that trust in Allah SWT. They would implant their fears in you. But the best part about seeking Allah SWT’s Pleasure is that your faith will only become stronger in Him no matter what other people say.

These are just my random thoughts for future safe-keeping, after listening to this.


Steps to become Allah SWT’s friend–>Take home message from Surah An-Nisaa, v. 125:

-submission to Allah SWT whole heartedly

-consistency in acts of righteousness

-seeking to excel and aim higher all the time

-become a Haneef: focused on the middle path without looking at the distractions on the ‘sides’


Follow the tradition of the Prophets : whenever there’s a trial and you feel that you’re done for, just remember if you’re patient, Allah SWT is on Your Side!

A beautiful hadith that is dear to me:

Anas RA reported that Abu Bakr RA once said to him, “While the Prophet SAW was in the cave (with me), I said to him, ‘If one of them were to look at his feet, he would see us from underneath his feet.’ The Prophet SAW said, ‘O Abu Bakr, what would you think about (the safety and well-being) of two (people) when Allah is the third among them?‘ “[Sahih Bukhari, the Companions’ Virtues, Hadith # 3653]

You know I’d be called ‘crazy’ to smile all day ‘just’ because of a hadith but I feel that just thinking about these words make me the happiest Muslimah ever…at least just one day before an exam.

What a timely reminder. Mashaa’Allah. After all, exams are battles too.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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