Ahoy there Muslims! Prizes JUST for you!

Well, I’m impressed by the brothers in C-city. They’ve not only pushed themselves outside the bubble C-city was in but they also have a great fan following outside of C-city all for the Sake of Allah SWT inshaa’Allah. May Allah SWT bless the brothers in the video and all the brothers and sisters behind the camera working hard to organize the best conference ever inshaa’Allah. Ameen.

For all Muslims who cannot attend the One Ummah Conference, there’s a contest for you guys (how cool is THAT?). In case you do not know what the One Ummah Conference is all about, please click here. Want to know what an awesome line up of speakers we have? Click here.

Those who already know all that, enjoy the video, do enter the contest and let us C-city people show you some love inshaa’Allah:

Mashaa’Allah la quwata illabillah. Made me smile! Inshaa’Allah halal entertainment. Please remember all of us in your duaas.


One Response to “Ahoy there Muslims! Prizes JUST for you!”

  1. as-salam3laykum

    lol such a funny clip, may Allah swt increase the love btwn them :)

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