Thoughts before a Leap to the Unknown

Not sophisticated and very childish but something that all brothers, especially husbands should appreciate. It reminds me of how Rasulalah Salalahu alayhi wasalam wanted his daughter Fatima RA to live nearby. SubhanAllah. It’s so difficult to be a parent or a daughter in these situations. It’s not a walk in the park as most people think. Few emotions all husbands-to-be must understand and internalize:


It’s not easy to leave one’s comfort, where daddy takes care of everything, to a world unknown,

It’s not easy to move far away where your only contact would be via the phone.

It’s how way things are and it’s how things shall always remain,

Does anyone know with the silent smiles, what her heart contains?

It may be a joke to others… It may be an ideal escape for few,

Yet, how will one possibly feel at home with people so new?

The dress looks perfect and timing’s just fine,

But is she allowed to…for a while, like a toddler whine?

‘He doesn’t know me! How would he possibly care?

Can’t he move in? This is so so so not fair!

I love my room and I love my cozy bed,

Y’know, I wouldn’t mind sharing my books and things with him instead.’

She’s going to miss her mom and she’s going to miss her dad,

Even her brother won’t be there…to cheer her up when she’s sad.

It may be not a final goodbye but who knows it maybe is,

Because our lives rest so very helplessly in Hands of His.

She wants to cherish holding her parents’ hands,

She wants to hug them real tight,

‘At least we’ll be together in Jannah,

I know my Rabb won’t deny me that Right.’ 


2 Responses to “Thoughts before a Leap to the Unknown”

  1. Hasbun Allahu Says:

    Subhanallah, very beautiful. Jazaki allahu khairon.

    • Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,
      Wa iyyakum.

      Thank you for the ever so kind words. If you’re a sister (and I have a feeling you are) then I’m sure you can relate!

      A warm welcome to the blog! :)
      I hope to see you around and more of your comments inshaa’Allah, all for the Sake of Allah SWT.

      Wishing you a glorious Friday inshaa’Allah.
      Many duaas,

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