A Mohsin’s Attitude

“Those who are really sorry show that in their attitude. Those who are really thankful do likewise. Allah SWT knows the secrets of hearts. One may able to cheat the world but not His Rabb. Real mercy does not stem from ulterior personal motives. In fact, selfishness and mercy cannot co-exist in a single habitat. Finally, a Mohsin is one who gives up his rights for the Sake of Allah SWT in the manner most beautiful and praised by his Lord. While the rest of the world knocks on the doors of humans to be granted justice, he knocks on the Door of his Rabb in extreme hope to be granted if not justice in this dunia, then an exalted journey towards Akhira. Let people’s misunderstanding of you help you understand the Perfectness of Your Rabb better. The selection of words do matter. If you do not care, then don’t. The clock is ticking and the evidence is being collected for a Day when the mouths will be sealed and the limbs will speak. Dear Muslims, spend your energies in being wary of Ar-Raqeeb! Be gentle. And do not hurt others even if you’re hurt yourself. Jannah awaits the Mohsineen.Don’t believe me? Check out the Quraan!”

[a gentle reminder]


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