WEBLINK edited:Captivating Book on Taqwa

****EDITED THE LINK of the book**** (was just an experimentation)

I’m a lot about books these days, hence reading more so than writing proper articles. I feel I need to refuel my brain and I am sort of addicted to contemplation. Good or bad, I’ll stick for this habit for a while.

A book that has captivated my heart is–> Taqwa: The Provision of Believers.

I ask you please to start from page 33 of the pdf which explains the benefits of Taqwa. I don’t think anyone would be bothered to acquire Taqwa if they don’t know its benefits. The benefits are all from the Quraan. I believe the best way would be to take each benefit and think how it may be significant in your life. This will build a psychological connection with those verses and when your mind is inclined towards something, I feel the soul is more motivated to take the steps required to achieve that object of inclination.

And then go back to page # 1 and read the book from there.

There’s a lack of people who read books. Most read blogs/websites and while that’s alright, I believe books are much more intellectually nourishing. One should go to the primary sources and not depend solely on secondary.

Hmm. Hopefully this book will be a means of hidaya for my thought-process and ultimately writing inshaa’Allah.

Very excited!

Stay tuned Ahl al-Blog…in a week or so, I shall reveal!

For now, I need to think.

Wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah,


P.S. Queen Zummurud (R)’s (Cream of Royalty) post is lingering in my folder. I can’t wait to make her known to the public! However, since my loyalties are shifting, I may have to save it for later. Please remember me in your precious duaas. JazakummAllahu khayran, esp. to the dedicated readers and subscribers! :)


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