Taqwa:Tears of Ibn al-Mubarak (R)

In ‘Sifat as-Safwah’ (2/330), al-Qasim bin Muhammad said:

 “We were on a journey with Ibn al-Mubarak, and I was always asking myself: what is so special about this man that he is so famous? If he prays, so do we. If he fasts, so do we. If he fights, so do we. If he makes Hajj, so do we.

One night, we spent the night in a house travelling on the way to Sham. The lamp went out, and some of us woke up. So, he took the lamp outside to light it, and stayed outside for a while.

When he came back in with the lamp, I caught a glimpse of Ibn al-Mubarak’s face, and saw that his beard was wet with his tears.

I said to myself:  ‘This fear of Allah is what has made this man better than us. When the lamp went out and we were in darkness, he remembered the Day of Resurrection. ‘ ”

Courtesy: Kalamullah

There’s no doubt and I believe it as a firm fact now and that is, Taqwa or fear of Allah SWT is the most beautiful trait of a human being so much so that those who do not have it or those whom you have to keep reminding (at the expense of one’s own Eeman) about it, seem not very attractive as individuals. SubhanAllah!

Isn’t it true then, beauty is skin deep? I say it is ‘heart-deep’, well engraved in one’s soul.

Taqwa is that decoration of the soul which may not be seen by the whole world except Allah SWT. But it definitely gravitates the whole world* towards that individual by an invisible force of acceptance that Allah SWT places for that individual in the hearts of the rest of the world.

And Allah SWT knows best.

[* especially the righteous slaves of Allah SWT]

May Allah SWT make us fear Him in the manner pleasing to Him.Ameen.

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