Sajda of Imam at-Thawri (R)

Ali bin Al Fudayl(R) said,

“I saw ath-Thawri went into Sujud while praying, and I performed Tawaf around the House seven times before he raised his head from Sujud.”



I’ve noticed that the Ruku’ and the Sujood of the Sahaba (may Allah SWT be pleased with them all) in particular were quite long so much so that birds would sit on top of them. And we know birds sit on top of statues or things they feel are inanimate.

One wonders what level of love they had.

These inspirational tidbits from the lives of the pious predecessors attracts one to love Allah SWT even more. I was thinking if that’s the effect of reading what they did several centuries after their death, how amazing it would’ve been to be around such people when they were alive. That is truly THE effect of a beneficial companionship whose ‘barakahful’ lessons and pieces of advice remain with several generations to come, to benefit from, to ponder over and use them to acquire Allah SWT’s Pleasure. Love, love, love it! It’s all our Rabb’s Mercy upon us! Alhamdolilah.

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