Favourite Website-Picks [mashaa’Allah]

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

I know I haven’t posted for my on-going ‘Project-Cleanup: Purification of the Soul’ theme. The reason is simple. We have Sh. Yasir Qadhi in town to teach us the Fiqh of Food and Clothing and since my current topic was ‘excessive eating’, I thought it would be nice to know a little bit about the Adaab of eating before I move on to the next topic.

It is very hard for me to get impressed by a personality because I like to judge them in the department of their Akhlaq during challenging moments to be able to make a sound judgement.I only take people of strong forbearance as my role models. That’s just me. But for some reason I was ecstatic to see Sh. Yasir Qadhi infront of me, teaching LIVE. I was early and I usually do not like to chat much to people before a class so that I can get in the mood of focusing. So I was happily drawing on my notebook when I suddenly feel a louder hum of people and as I looked up Sh. Yasir Qadhi was right infront of me, surrounded by none other than annoying brothers (who do not give sisters a chance to ask questions one-on-one from the Shaykh). 

I had seen him on several youtube videos and heard his very intriguing audio lectures. Mashaa’Allah he’s really blessed with eloquence and I really like his pace of teaching. My attention doesn’t bear well with teachers who go slow or wait too much for the class. And the way he had the whole session’s talk in grip was totally amazing Mashaa’Allah. Like I said, I do not like to praise people unnecessarily but after listening to his several Aqeedah series, I wish he could teach us some Aqeedah LIVE too. As a teacher, Sh. Yasir Qadhi is one of my favourites. As a person, I do not really know his daily interactions but inshaa’Allah I’m sure that’s good too.

He shared his vision of starting a full-time Al-Maghrib university soon with us and I hope I’m alive in 2 years time to be a part of it. I’m just over excited even at the thought of it. Probably a dream come true for me because he plans to combine Islamic education as well as Counselling/Dawa’h techniques that are so very much required of an Imam/Islamic Coordinator nowadays. May Allah SWT put barakah in this idea and make it a means of rectifying the state of our Ummah.Ameen.

This Ummah has a lot of promise and that can be seen by the wonderful brothers and sisters volunteering their day and night for the Sake of Allah SWT and running blogs/websites so beautifully. Mashaa’Allah. If I could,  I would actively advertise and promote each and everyone’s website but since I cannot do that, I will try to pick a few now and then and illustrate how hard they’re working. Inshaa’Allah so that they get some more Ajr and I get some inspiration too.

These websites/blogs that I have been wanting to share are a little different from what the usual online Islamic material consists of. I had discovered two of them during my exams but I thought I would not be able to do these blogs/websites justice if I just review them in a hurry. I shall try my best now-so here goes nothing:

1. A blog by Brother Mezba, Teaching Kids Holy Quran

What I love about this blog is that:

  • it is unique (obviously)
  • it has a very noble defined purpose (not saying other blogs don’t but this blog has its audience well-defined)
  • dedication of the brother (asking humans to pose for your photographs is a huge task, Lego are afterall inanimate beings)
  • fun way to learn about Islam

It makes me wonder how supportive his wife would be because usually wives dismiss their husband’s projects/hobbies very quickly as being childish or not very useful. May Allah SWT bless the brother and his wife with the best of this dunia and Akhira.Ameen.

We need more of such creative people who facilitate learning for the new generation in a manner that suits them best.

2. A website by Sh. Abu Taubah, Muslim Martial Arts

This Shaykh doesn’t cease to amaze me. I mean mashaa’Allah he’s an all-rounder. There are only few people of ‘Ilm whom when you listen, they talk as if they have absorbed ‘Ilm to their very being. SubhanAllah. This is my view because I haven’t been exposed to many people like Sh. Abu Taubah. May Allah SWT bless him and his family with best of health and wealth.Ameen.

What I love about this specific part of his website:

  • it’s MUSLIM martial arts
  • he teaches Arabic lexicon and terminology of martial arts which is very impressive mashaa’Allah
  • his very homely style of teaching
  • the kids which I believe are probably his…mashaa’Allah they are c…u…t….e

May Allah SWT also bless his children.Ameen.

We should support such projects by either spreading the word or donating so that these blessed people keep continuing their work inshaa’Allah. Our responsibility doesn’t end at one click.

3. A blog by a sister who’s love Allah SWT has especially put in my heart (and it keeps growing, alhamdolilah): Sister Rebecca Salman

Judging by her posts, this sister seems like a woman of strength and integrity mashaa’Allah. I wish I could get the opportunity of meeting her because it’s so hard to find such good female companionship nowadays. May Allah SWT bless her and her family.Ameen.

What I love about the blog:

  • it is unique because it touches on contemporary English literature in the light of Islam (exactly how I like it)
  • honesty which makes the reader more likely to be interested in her write-ups
  • appropriately concise and well-structured pieces which convey a lot with a few words mashaa’Allah

We need more Muslim women who write with integrity and do not write just to ‘vent’. Inshaa’Allah times will change soon for the best.

May Allah SWT put barakah in whatever efforts Muslims around the world put in their blogs/websites/projects and make it a means for all of us to enter Jannatul Firdaus together like one big happy family.Ameen.

Alhamdolilah that Allah SWT has given us the ability to read,write, feel, understand and use our digits/limbs properly. Most of us do not even know the names of the diseases that exist which is probably why most of us do not even know what to be thankful for. Alhamdolilah to the One who provides for us non-stop with more than what we need. Alhamdolilah to the One even if He SWT witholds some blessings from us. To Him belongs everything, He’s the Master of all worlds. We are entirely submissive and in need of any good that comes from Him eternally even if it’s just through a click on a blog.

And Allah SWT knows best.


4 Responses to “Favourite Website-Picks [mashaa’Allah]”

  1. Thank you very much for the kind words you have left regarding my work!

  2. Oh, I have to add that my wife is indeed very supportive of my project, may Allah bless her, mA.

  3. You’re welcome!
    Mashaa’Allah. Good for you!
    Many duaas for all the Muslims who support each other in goodness.
    wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah,

  4. Dear sister, Assalamu Alaikum.

    While wishing u EID MUBARAK, i invite you and all Muslim sisters and brothers to read this article on Hajar: an inspiring role model:


    I hope you will like the article, insha allah.
    Jazakillah Khayr.

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