Daily Interactions , Clarifications and Sincerity

“Some people have the bad habit of over-analyzing the words of other people when they speak/write,trying to find mistakes that don’t exist by searching for words that could imply more than one thing, then trying to correct that person in public and act like they know something better. If that person knew some manners, they would simply ask “Would you kindly clarify the statement you just mentioned?”

-Sh.Waleed Abdulhakeem


And there are some people who’s mission in life is to find faults in whatever khayr you promote when they themselves leave the realm of proper manners. There’s a clear-cut difference between constructive criticism and nit-picking. One has to zip their mouth out of respect because of their possible status infront of Allah SWT. You think to yourself that they are active Quraan teachers and they have the right to insult you. To be more positive, probably they love you too much to put their manners, hence their ticket to Jannah at stake. Allahu ‘Alam. We can only give them the benefit of the doubt.

Doing Dawa’h is not about who’s better. Only time will tell who’s really the champion. Before one enters the world of Dawah, one will have to leave their self-created self-respect and egoes at the threshold. If you cannot be part of the khayr and cannot say anything good then please keep silent. Your silence won’t imply that you’re weak. Please do not chase and repel those who do good. Because who knows that one person you insult carelessly was a role model for so many others. And through that influential domino-effect that person had, people were attached to Allah SWT. Now since you just insulted them, you think anyone would respect them anymore?

The harm is worse than people superficially think. Today’s youth is like dust, slipping out of hands. One needs anything in accordance with Quraan and Sunnah to bring them back. So please be careful before judging the promoters of goodness and labelling them as criminals. Give them naseeha by all means but not in an insulting manner. I’m sure all of us have better hobbies to occupy our time with inshaa’Allah.

At the same time, one shouldn’t use religion to promote what their Nafs desires. It’s like using deen for your own dirty purposes. Shaytan’s very smart. He deviates people and makes them feel good when in reality, they have only gained Allah SWT’s wrath.

SO one should check their intention before the good deed, during the good deed and after doing the good deed. And we should analyze our main motivations for any good deed.

Was it just to get an ego boost by putting other people down or was it really for the welfare of people?

It’s clear how significant is the relationshop between sincerity and Naseeha. And, as the Prophet Salalahu alayhi wasalam said, ‘Religion is nasheeha’ (#7 of 40 Hadith Nawawi), this further underlines the importance of having sincerity in every aspect of our naseeha and hence religion.

May Allah SWT make us sincere for His Deen and let not the Shayateen and our nafs make our intentions for good deeds impure.Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.

[reminder to myself first and then others]

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