Seerah Analysis: Jan 2

Tonight’s talk is finally here alhamdolilah.

Due to tech. difficulties, the streaming started a little late so the talk may seem to start without a ‘beginning’. Of course that doesn’t matter. Just thought I’d let those know who are used to listening proper lectures. Again, this is a personal reference and not professionally done by an expert so please pray for the sister’s istiqama.

Anyway, the talk was about the Night Journey of the Rasulalah Salalahu alayhi wasalam by everyone’s favourite, i.e. Sh. Kamal el Mekki.

Without any doubt, a fantastic Eeman booster. Alhamdolilah.

For previous talks, you may search for it in the Bismillah-search box on your top right-hand side corner of the homepage by looking for ‘Seerah Analysis’ inshaa’Allah for review purposes.

I will have to create a page for it soon inshaa’Allah because I feel the Seerah talks are becoming quite popular alhamdolilah.

Please pray for Barakah in my time and that Allah SWT helps me, help myself and others. Allahumma Ameen.

JazakummAllahu khayran.

P.S. Thanks to Allah SWT that sister UmmT.  pointed out a scary revelation which I was sadly ignorant of. Inshaa’Allah no harm caused (HOPEFULLY) and JazakiAllahu khayran kathira. It almost gave me a heart attack. Hehe.

A big Inna-lilahi wa-inna-ilayhi raji’oon. So whoever you are, thanks a lot sis and thanks for making me feel that you’ve got my back, unlike many other brothers/sisters who just remain quiet. But then again, it was my mistake. I accept and I submit to His Will. It was definitely a huge matter for me. ANYWAY, Allah SWT conceals what He Wills and reveals what He Wills. Alhamdolilah though for the slaves of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT reward them with the best of this dunia and Akhira.Ameen.


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