The Inspirational Couple:Suhayla and Farooq

This story never fails to have its effect on me. Not because of it being a ‘love story’ but because of the strength of steadfastness they both had. They were certainly those who loved Allah SWT intensely.

I can’t judge others’ level of love for Allah SWT but I wish I could be like them sooner than later. May Allah SWT make me like them soon.Ameen.

I’m so glad I found this story again alhamdolilah so that I can refer back to it in future. For me they are the second most favourite couple after Umm Sulaym RA and Abu Talhah RA. I’m pretty sure there are more couples in our Islamic history besides the Prophet Salalahu alayhi wasalam and his wives. I just need to find out more.

I’m not sure but I think the son was the great Imam/Shaykh Rab’iyah(R)…which is a staggering fact to swallow…if one knows who Shaykh Rabi’yah (R) was. He was the teacher of Imam Malik (R). Allah SWT knows best.

Lots to be learned from this very story. This is not just for mere fascination purposes or an ‘Awwww’ moment. Once again, mothers who complain that their husbands are not good or active fathers who teach kids about Deen, can seek some insipration from this story.

A Muslimah has a huge role to play whether she’s a daughter, a sister or a friend. We just need to realize our strength and utilize it in the right direction inshaa’Allah. We can do Jihaad without taking part in it. We can win His Pleasure by encouraging His Creatures to focus on Him Alone. May Allah SWT give us that awareness and Hikmah.Ameen.


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