Reminder for Du’aat

What the Duaat should keep in mind:

  • Hidden trap of shaytan: Ego thrives on comparison, for e.g. criticizing others to feel that ‘I’m better than others’
  • When involved in Dawa’h–> do not involve your Nafs (do not take things personal)
  • Few pointers given by Scholars of the past on what a good Dawa’h/Daee’ should be like:
    1. should have good sincere intention
    2. should be done with love to build up the society
    3. should be expressed face to face and not at their back (if done at the people’s back…could leat to back-biting. If one cannot do it directly, one should make a general statement like how Prophet Sallahu alayhi wasalam used to do it.)
    4. should be done with a merciful spirit
  • should not stop doing Dawa’h even if you yourself are not ‘up there’ in terms of your good deeds because we all have shortcomings so one should make duaa for their own sincerity and for others as well. This is because if you are the only one enjoining good and forbidding evil and you too stop, then that would create greater harm than continuing your Dawa’h even if you’re struggling with your sincerity. Keeping in mind that none of us are perfect and we all sin and the best of sinners are those who repent.
  • when doing Dawa’h to those older than you, always mix a lot of love and respect. It will do the trick slowly yet effectively inshaa’Allah
  • Ibn al Taimiyyah’s (R) golden statement–> the summary of which is: ‘Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jaama’h uphold truth (explain to people, they call people on the right path) but they deal with people with mercy.’ This is the correct manhaj in dawa’h.

-Sh. Hacene Chebbani, IISC

 [to listen to the tonight’s part from the series called the ’40 Rules of Guidance’, please click here]

And Allah SWT knows best.


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