New Year Celebration…Honestly? Non compos mentis!

What’s so *new* about the ‘new’ year (even if we don’t bring Hijri NewYear argument into consideration)?

It’s the same you.

It’s the same me.

But to make it *new*, we’d have to *change* ourselves to the *new* us.

And that shouldn’t be dictated by a certain date!

We should be allowed to change, hence improve, every day because isn’t every day…a NEW day?

Why wait a whole year to be ‘new’ again when Allah SWT gives us that opportunity every minute of our life?

Yes! The major opportunity of repentance and goal setting through duaas.

Why limit the infinite possibilities of positivity?

Why be bound by something that’s not even Divine?

Why then seek His Mercy(to become new) through His Disobedience (celebration of new year or birthdays)?


I guess people do not have anything to look forward to in their lives, that’s when they turn to these things. Sad. What’s so exciting about New Year every year?

Non compos mentis!!!

I remember my grade nine English teacher saying that and pronouncing it ‘non compuss ment-toss’ whenever she felt that certain idea in literature character or a certain clown of the class (yes we had a ‘barmy army’) wasn’t behaving the way she expected them to behave. Her expression used to be extremely comical and we used to have a hearty laugh as a class together. May Allah SWT make her a Muslim.Ameen.

Always remember:

Correct intentions do not purify wrong actions!

This rule helps me everywhere alhamdolilah.

Please read this, if  you were going to dedicate the New Year’s eve with special Ibadah. JazakummAllahu khayran.


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