Thorns = Trees of Shade = Victory

“To reach to His Mercy one will have to traverse a path of thorns.

Some of these thorns are laid out by ourselves in the past. These thorns are a reminder for us to hasten to repentance.

While some other thorns are laid out by others. These thorns slaughter the love of people and puts Him at the top.

And some thorns are laid out to increase His Love for you. The more happily you cross this path with patience manifested in all parts of your body, the closer He’s reserving a place for you Near Him.

Limited in your perception, thorns to you may seem a sign of danger.

Ants are but ants. They can only know so much.

Be grateful for these thorns, for these are His Special Favours on a selected few.

It is an opportunity to show Him how much you love Him.

Shaytan is jealous so he may cause you to hate these thorns. A favour, he’ll never ever attain and would therefore would never want YOU to enjoy.

But know that such thorns build a path to His Mercy.

These very thorns will become large lush green Trees that grant you Shade on the Day of Regrets.

Dear Mo’min: these thorns are nothing but a Sign of His Love for you…so rejoice!

Because a thorny path successfully crossed seeking His Face is a Glad tiding of a Glorious Future Victory.”


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  1. A worthwhile read: sorry for bombarding you with posts but wanted to share:


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