The More Effect:Poem on Jannah

I thought this was the most wonderful way to start my day after Fajr. The words ‘more’ had a major impact on me. SubhanAllah.

I’m thinking it’d be a great reminder before any act of obedience or for refraining from any act of disobedience.

Don’t you think so too?


May Allah SWT bless the brother and all of us with not only that but even more.Ameen.

Alhamdolilah pumped up with all that there’s to look forward to in Akhira.

 May Allah SWT be pleased with us because we’re definitely pleased with all His Blessings pouring upon us in this dunia. Some in the form of tests and some in the form of major reminders to come back to hidaya before death. We are pleased Ya Rabb and we hope to attain a greater fraction of those blessings and Mercy in Akhira. Please Allah, lead us to that Mercy. The Special Mercy You have reserved for the Prophets, the martyrs and the Siddiqeen. Please unite us with them. Please let us achieve Rafeeqal ‘Ala. Ameen.


One Response to “The More Effect:Poem on Jannah”

  1. This is lovely, on reflection I have never paid much attention to what one could attain in Paradise. Something for all of us to think about.


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