Learning Arabic Resources

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

I have looked through different resources available online. I thought I would provide my opinion for a few.

1) There’s LQ-toronto which have very well laid out lectures. The only thing is that they are not as fast-paced as I would like. However, the teachers are really good and support a student who’s determination is weak by constantly reminding that learning Arabic is not that difficult. An excellent resource  Mashaa’Allah for those who can stay hooked with that speed. In case, nobody noticed, they are right underneath the title ‘Beauty of Arabic Enjoyed at’ and are labelled as ‘Institute of the Language of Quran.’

2) Then there’s a few brothers who have uploaded videos which seem very promising even though there are only two videos that are public for now. It is a project by Al Madinah Students (Maysoor Arabic), may Allah SWT bless them all.Ameen. I’m going to add the video underneath the same category inshaa’Allah. Hopefully, we’ll get more from them soon bithnillahi ta’la.

3) I’ve found Sh. Abu Taubah’s teaching style the most useful for my learning style. His lectures are well-paced and his energy and confidence, both make it easy to follow along alhamdolilah. His lectures can be found on youtube as well. [This has been recommended by Sh. Kamal el Mekki.]

There are still a few days left before we all return to work/university/school. All of us better make the most out of it inshaa’Allah with the intention to understand His Book in a much better way. We should take the steps necessary to reach to His Mercy of Knowledge and Hikmah.

Not all of us have the liberity and the opportunity to go to Egypt/KSA/Yemen to study Arabic and we shouldn’t wait for those opportunities to come nicely arranged in a platter for us to be able to learn Arabic.  Alhamdolilah, we have more opportunities than our time can completely make use of. We should make the best out of what we have and not whine. Everything comes with dedication. Some scholars say that one may have to give their whole lives to knowledge before getting a very small amount in return. In other words, be ready to work hard and get over the spoon-feeding attitude that we are accustomed to by the different courses/lectures/conferences which bring Shaykhs to us, rather than us going to them.

May Allah SWT facilitate the path to khayr.Ameen.

[A gentle reminder for myself first and then others]

And Allah SWT knows best.


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