Seerah Analysis: Dec 26

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

To listen to tonight’s Seerah analysis, please click here.

You can listen to previous talk as well for a quick review.

To tune into LIVE next Sunday inshaa’Allah, please visit this weblink and it is aired from 7:15pm to 8:15pm Mountain Standard Time (2 hours behind EST).

IISC, Sh. Kamal el Mekki


Topics dealt with in tonight’s talk:

  • The Boycott with Banu Hashim: The Situation (3 years long)
  • The Fight involving Hakim ibn Huzzam, between Abu Bukhtari ibn Hisham and Abu Jahl
  • The Saheefa (document)
    • Standing up for Justice and Intelligent Planning
      • Role of the Fantastic Five: Hisham ibn ‘Amr, Zuhair bin Abi Omaiya, Mut’im ibn ‘Adi, Abu Bukhtari ibn Hisham, Zuma’ bin al-Aswad
    • Role of the Insect: Left only ‘Bismikkallahum’
  • The Year of Sorrow
    • Death of Abu Talib (cutting off of external support-tribal support) and Khadija RA (internal-moral support gone)
    • At-Ta’if: 10-day Painful Stay
      • Why did they aim at Prophet’s feet specifically? (mini analysis)
      • Even his enemies felt bad for him …such was the state of the Prophet SAW
      • Encounter with ‘Addas and the Town of Yunus ibn Matta AS
      • The Worry of the Prophet SAW brought him to Qarn al Manzil (35km from Ta’if)
        • Encounter with Angel Jibreel AS
        • The Notion of Moral Support of Angel(s): Connection with Battle of Uhud and At-Ta’if
        • Why does Prophet SAW get moral support after so many hours?
    • Back from Ta’if: Waadi An-Nakhla
      • The Honor of the Acceptance of Islam by Jinns instead of humans
      • The Question asked by Zaid RA: “How are you going to enter Makkah?” , Prophet SAW’s most beautiful Response
        • contemplation: always get the highest of speech from Prophet Mohammed SAW when he’s the lowest
    • Protection via Mut’im ibn ‘Adi (one of the fantastic five)
      • The Procession
      • The 2 Rakahs of Rasulalah and its Significance
    • Marriage to Sawdah RA(estimation: 50-65yrs of age)
      • refutation to the claim of Orientalists about Prophet SAW’s marriages
      • personality of Sawdah RA: an excellent match at an excellent time (find out why by listening to the audio)


Rabbana Taqabal Minna-Innaka Antas-Samee’ul ‘Aleem. Wa-tubb ilayna innaka anta-at-Tawab-ur-Raheem.Ameen.


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