Wk 1: Other Possible Harms of Excessive Talking

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

So the journey continues on combatting ‘Excessive Talking’.

There’s a lot of things I learned when I was controlling my tongue the past few days and also regarding people who talk excessively in terms of dunia…thought I’d share some:

  • not talking too much prevents one from exaggerating = a form of lying
  • not talking too much prevents one from losing one’s respect
  • people who talk a lot often end up gossipping/joking in a crude and an indecent manner
  • preventing oneself from talking more than required helps also prevent complication in a certain matter
  • one who talks excessively increases on himself the burden of proving what he says by action and if he doesn’t do that, he loses credibility in the sight of people
  • it instills patience in us which is an excellent virtue to nurture
  • prevents a mountain of regrets
  • you’re not a burden to your listeners if you don’t talk excessively and thus are preferred in the true Muslim society* over those who bend one’s ears
  • tons of arguments are prevented and one can actually strive to achieve the place in Jannah which is reserved for those who do not argue even if they’re correct
  • not talking much prevents one from becoming part of the company of the shayateen and hurting others
  • your words don’t lose value if you don’t talk excessively
  • controlling the tongue enables us to not only protect our own honor but also the honor of people associated with us such as our parents/family as well as all other Muslims
  • not talking too much prevents one from interrupting others which is disrespect therefore talking excessively is a manner of disrespect and negates one’s mannerisms (in a true Muslim society*)

* Note: This is mostly in a Muslim society which has some morals left. Mostly not possible in a non-Muslim society in which the talkative person is deemed as the most confident one and is therefore much liked, at least in the workplace. Possibly those kind of people are given more promotions at work place as well. How can a liar be appreciated/liked/promoted for his lying is beyond my comprehension.


I’d like to share a wonderful reminder about watching our tongues. Many people have a habit of making fun of others and they deliberately target certain ethnicities all the time. It’s as if their favourite hobby as disgusting as it sounds. Where I live, it’s extremely common amongst the brown kids to label the new brown kid as a ‘fob’. In reality the word ‘fob’ stands for ‘fresh off boat’, yep you guessed it! It’s used for fresh immigrants. They obviously come from a different world, have trouble understanding the flow of things and have a different accent. Mashaa’Allah what people forget is their own origins:

Who made everything He has created good, and He began the creation of man from clay. Then He made his offspring from semen of despised water (male and female sexual discharge). [Surah As-Sajda, 32:7-8]

 We all are brought into existence by the same Najas (impure) fluid, why then be arrogant?  I mean unless you were created from musk or some heavenly fragrance, then yeah maybe you could have a reason to be arrogant. This form of arrogance was shown by Iblis who thought just because he was created by Fire, he was better. Our starting material was dust and we are ultimately going to end up in dust. Why show arrogance by tongue? What about sarcasm and the like we encounter in our daily lives? Is it permissible?

Some answers that can be found in the following reminder from the Quraan (beautiful gems and the reasoning behind the words…totally love it mashaa’Allah):

May Allah SWT help us reach the level of Taqwa in which we think thrice before saying anything.Ameen.


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