Purification of the Soul, Week 1: Excessive Talking

“You possess the word. But when you say it, the word possesses you.”

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that to start purification of the soul, there are a few prerequisites. These include that one who seeks to purify their soul should have the correct Aqeedah, i.e. Islamic belief/creed. So if a person is invloved in Shirk, they should give that up first.  This is what I gained from listening to this. The idea is that what’s the point in purifying the soul when there’s a greater filth in one’s heart which is nothing other than Shirk. May Allah SWT make us live and die on the correct Aqeedah.Ameen.

So I’d like to quickly point out what are the common forms of  Shirk which Muslims are involved in all over the world:

  • making duaa to other than Allah SWT, such as saints and/or Prophet Mohammed SAW
  • going to graves to seek tabbarauk (blessings) or making duaa to the dead
  • going for ‘pilgrimage’ to graves and doing Tawaf around graves
  • wearing amulets (ta’weez) , keeping charms
  • belief in/practising/seeking help via astrology and/or magic
  • seeking intercession from the saints/pious people
  • seeking tawasul through Prophet SAW’s status/body/honor…for e.g. asking Allah SWT to forgive you via the status of Prophet SAW

We all know Shirk is the only unforgivable sin which if not repented from will take one directly to Hell-fire. To learn more about this, please have a look at this.


For a deed to be accepted, it should fulfill 2 conditions:

1) It should have the right intention

2) It should be done in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW (anything outside of Sunnah which the Sahaba haven’t done…is bida’h or innovation and that shall not be accepted at all)

Anyhow that was an extremely basic reminder of what Shirk is etc. Let’s move on to the real topic of : excessive talking


Dangers of Excessive Talking

1. Everything you say is being written down, all your public AND private conversations which some people hide from others


“Certainly We have created man, and We know what his soul whispers to him. And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. There are two recording angels sitting one on the right and one on the left Not a word does he utter, but there is a watcher by him ready.” (Qaf: 16-18)

2. Considering what they say harmless which in actuality might lead them to Fire!


  • Abu Hurairah RA related that the Prophet SAW has said, ” The servant speaks words, the consequences of which  he does not realizem abd for which he is sent down into the depths of the Fire further than the distance between the east and the west.” [al-Bukhari:Kitab ar-Riqaq, Muslim: Kitab Az-Zuhd]
  • On the authority of Mu`adh ibn Jabal RA, the Prophet SAW took hold of his tongue and said, “Restrain this!” Mu`adh said, “O Messenger of Allah, will what we say be held against us?” He said, “May your mother be bereaved of you, Mu`adh! Is there anything that topples people on their faces – or he said on their noses – into Hell-fire other than the jests of their tongues?” [At-Tirmidhi]

3. A form of regret on the Day of Judgement

  • Abu Hurairah RA reported that Ibn al-Abbas RA said: “A person will not feel greater fury or anger for any part of his body  on the Day of Judgement more than what he will feel for his tongue, unless he only used it for saying or enjoining good.”

4. Deprivation from Truthfulness

  • Sahl (R) said : “Whoever talks about what does not concern him is deprived of truthfulness.”


What forms of talking is beneficial then?

The Prophet SAW has said: “Everything the children of Adam say goes against them, except for their enjoining good and forbidding evil, and remembering Allah, Glorious and Mighty is He.” [Hasan, at-Tirmidhi(he classieifes it as hasan gharib: Kitab az-Zuhd, Ibn al-Majah: Kitab al-Fitan].


Advice of the Pious/Scholars/Salaf

  • ‘Ataa said: ‘Those that -were before you (the Salaf), used to detest excessive speech. And they considered anything as excessive speech except speaking about the Book of Allah, the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), commanding good and forbidding evil, and speaking about what a man needs to speak because of a need he has to fulfill in his daily life.” [Source]
  • The believer is he whose tongue lies beneath his heart, in other words he thinks before he speaks, whilst the hypocrite is he who speaks without thinking. It should also be noted that excessive talking deadens the heart.
  • Some of the salaf used to put stone in their mouth and take it out only when they had to say something to fulfill their needs!


Action Plan for Week 1:

So there’s the evidence. Now we have to avoid the steps that lead to excessive talking: for e.g. disputes/arguments,useless joking,excessively talking on the phone,even chatting with friends (on MSN/gmail–>I’m talking about typed chatting) and so on. Let’s make a list of situations in which we talk excessively and what situations/conditions led to that excessive talking and try to identify ways to get rid of/avoiding those things inshaa’Allah. A list of things ‘not-to-do’ can be made and could be ticked daily to monitor one’s progress.

And Allah SWT knows best.

Rabbana Taqabal minna innaka antasamee’-ul ‘Aleem, watubb ilayna innaka anta-tawabur-raheem.Ameen.


2 Responses to “Purification of the Soul, Week 1: Excessive Talking”

  1. Some motivation! Also I wanted to wish you happy holidays, may you be able to make the most of this opportunity, ameen.


    R. x

    • Ameen!
      JazakiAllahu khayran for the warm wishes and the weblink. The weblink seems like a huge treasure…will definitely use it in my journey inshaa’Allah. May you be blessed wherever you are, whatever you do.Ameen.
      Wasalamualaykum warahmatullah,
      Lotsa love.

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