A Divine Treat: Get to Know more about Your Rabb


2 Responses to “A Divine Treat: Get to Know more about Your Rabb”

  1. I have some confusions, I would like if you help me out please:

    1-if Allah is “all-just”, then he cannot be “all-merciful”…it’s like saying, someone is a “married-bachelor”…justice contradicts mercy, and mercy contradicts justice. if you’re all fair, then you’re just, if you pours mercy upon someone, you’re not just, these attributes can not exist in parallel.

    2-if Allah is “all-knowing”, and he knows what’s going to happen in the day after today, then whether 1)he cannot change it, because he already knows what’s going to happen tomorrow 2) He can change it if he wills. if it’s the first case, then knowing the future puts limits on Allah. and if it’s the second case, then he doesn’t know the future, because he changed it.

    3-how can Allah be “manifest” and “hidden” at the same time?

    4-I don’t understand how does Allah has “2-hands”!…in one case, Islam teaches that there can not be any photo/picture/idol of Allah, and that it is strictly haram to give a form to Allah, while Allah himself urges man’s mind to give form to him by saying he has 2 hands.

    I’m sorry but these questions have given me much pain, I’m a Muslim, and I accept and embarrassingly agree that I have far lesser eeman than you might have, but I’m trying to learn Islam genuinely and I have these questions that I have no answers for. please help me out.

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