Muslimah PoweR

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Alhamdolilah, with so many things on my mind yet no proper organized form of initiative, I have decided to stick with what I have and work from here to where I want to be. So by the fadl of Allah SWT, I have started a new category called ‘Muslimah PoweR’. This will deal with motivational excerpts which will help us as women to pull ourselves out of the ‘Dark Ages’ of our ignorance and resume the legacy of true Muslimahs which we have long forgotten. Muslimahs of the glorious past were stronger than men. And I have a valid reason for saying that but please don’t quote me on it since it’s just my thought. The reason is that men were raised in a manner that made them tough and so it is natural to expect that they went for Jihad etc. As for women, although they were raised differently as we raise daughters nowadays but they did not go out of their homes. They were raised with love and mercy too yet the Might of Allah SWT is that, these women were much tougher than men, running back and forth for the Sake of Allah SWT in the heat of the desert carrying heavy water-bags to thirsty soldiers during Jihad while these very women themselves were physically weak. SubhanAllah! [I’m not going to give away who they were yet.]

There’s another thought I’d like to add which has been my observation for the past few years and that is: if you convince a woman about something and she feels strongly for it, nothing in the world can budge her. You can definitely make her listen and she will listen but if she believes in Allah SWT and is a strong adherent of Sunnah, that love acts as a weapon for her. The fearful woman is now your new warrior. SubhanAllah. In terms of the legacy of knowledge and the contribution of women, scholars of hadith have said that there was not a single narration by a woman which was negated or found out to be fabricated. That does say a lot.

If you equip a single woman with the tools needed for the survival of her Deen, even if she doesn’t bear children, she definitely affects her society because of how firm she is. Allah SWT has made women weak in some aspects but that’s because perfection cannot belong to His Creatures. Women nowadays feel that they have to submit to unIslamic thoughts of men or society in general. Women have also been portrayed as those having ‘out-of-control’ emotional phases and those who cannot be intelligent and beautiful at the same time. What is striking is, we have many examples of beautiful Muslimahs who were Faqiha, i.e. scholars of Fiqh. Yes! They were intelligent, wise and they were influential in the political affairs of the society (Khilafa) all within the boundaries of  Al Haya or modesty. They were shy but when it came to Allah SWT’s rules, they used to stand up in a crowd and speak about the truth. They had this right balance of modesty and confidence.

This category is my journey to find out what gave them strength. There’s not much literature in English to help us identify with them but inshaa’Allah let’s at least make do with what we have for now.

I’m excited to start with a wonderful personality which I have in mind but for now that’ll have to wait. I’d like to  kick-off this category with few snippets from a book which I have just started reading and I thought it has the same theme as the theme of this new category ‘Muslimah PoweR’ and …possibly the goal of my life. I do know there’s a huge difference between aiming foolishly and aiming wisely. We can never be like the Sahabiaat (may Allah SWT be pleased with them all and unite us with them.ameen) but we can definitely die trying.I have strong belief that Allah SWT let all these stories survive because He SWT didn’t want us Muslim women to be pressurized by numerous illegit expectations and demands of our society in which most people have forgotten their duties. It is very simple. We are too, like the men, have been born to worship Allah SWT and He SWT will judge us according to the best we do and not the least we do…or how we can squeeze in our Ibadah within our daily schedules of several household/family/educational/office commitments. Allah SWT says in Surah Al Mulk:

Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things. Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed.And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving. [67:1-2]

SubhanAllah! Women are made to attend guests while they’re missing their Salah, they are not educated by the men around them who go daily for Halaqahs – nor are they encouraged to go, they are made to put make-up on their weddings infront of non-Mahram even if they don’t want to, they are emotionally blackmailed to choose between their husband and Niqab…and the list goes on. It’s about time we respected ourselves and make Allah SWT our first priority. Let’s not let these things become distractions on our road to Jannatul Firdaus. Because I can testify by Allah SWT that as soon as we forget Allah SWT and give His Rights to the creatures, that’s when most of us fall into depression and useless fits of anxiety. That is wrong. We are better than what we let us be.

We should remember: emotions do beautify us but they should not cloud our Taqwa. With that I’d like to stop my lecture and let you inshaa’Allah seek inspiration through the following excerpts. JazakummAllahu khayran for being attentive readers.


“The idea behind the concept is that we, as Muslim women, have a legacy of strength that we can look upon and go back to when life teaches us that it’s not at all a fairytale with princes, servants, and castles. When we’re struck with the reality of finishing school, having to pay bills, bad choices, or a husband who refuses to put his socks where they’re supposed to go, we learn to stay true. When we’re brought down by the lack of goal setting, the tragedies that happen to us or our loved ones, the anger, the stress, the guilt, and the sadness that plagues us at odd hours of our day, we can learn to stay true.

We can learn to stay true to our heritage and become strong Muslim women who lead their lives with abundance. How do we do this? We do this by releasing our inner queen of Sheba. We do this by living our best destinies, by moving towards what Allah wants for us, by finding what will bring us happiness right now.

And a funny thing happens when we learn to release our inner queens of Sheba. We become stronger, better women who are able to weather the storms and able to actually get our ‘happily ever after’. Trust me when I say, Cinderella has nothing on the queen of Sheba.”

You will find that beginning to live your best life is something that you can and must do, that being strong and happy while still fulfilling your duties is inherit to who you are. It is not something you have to struggle with or feel like you are destined to fail. Yes, you can be the ideal daughter,  mother, wife, and friend. Yes, you can be the savvy businesswoman, the sconscientious student, and the committed volunteer. And no, it’s not a mold that you have to squeeze yourself into. The role is yours. The standard is yours. You are the queen.”

[From: ‘Release your Inner Queen of Sheba’, pp.10-13 by Heba al Shareef]


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