The Worth of $1.60 and the Day of Judgement

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

With the wintery days, there’s hardly an hour difference between Dhuhr, Asr and Maghrib so if you’re on campus, it’s like you are in the Musallah for a good one hour and then you conveniently bump into your most favourite people in the world: i.e. sisters-in-Islam and you can’t help but spare a ‘minute-or-two’ for the Sake of Allah SWT from your busy schedule.

Scrambling for everything including time on Thursday, I almost learned the most valuable lesson of my life and it is horrifying to even think about it now in the context of the lesson I learned. I thought I’d share my story:


I said salams on my right and left, finished off my ‘Asr prayer – my spirits lighter not just because the burden of a term paper had been lifted, but also because I had addressed my concerns to the Lord of the Worlds, who’s the Only One who actually listens one’s Plight. Besides my weakened physical energy, my soul felt weak too because I hadn’t been a good Muslim. I felt guilty, I hadn’t paid attention to my Best Friend. I was extremely troubled and possibly nervous. I did what I could and I quickly got up, grabbed my back-pack and raced down the stairs by giving a brief smile and salam to the sisters around me. They knew I was in a hurry so they didn’t stop me either.

My mind’s wheels started racing, 45 minutes to go before I have to hand in my paper. And I still had to print out my 15-pages long term paper. I didn’t have money on my ID card. But I had my brother on campus, got his ID card and continued my race. May Allah SWT bless him.Ameen.

I wore my gloves and got out in the slightly chilly -15 degrees celsius temperature. It wasn’t a long walk to the library but the black ice and melted snow had made the ground slippery enough for one to fear for their life as one took each step. Alhamdolilah I got inside the packed library safely, and started looking for an empty work-station.


I started panicking.

No Allah SWT can’t desert me. Innalilahi wa-innalayhi raji’oon.

I went in the other working area.

Uhh finally found one. Alhamdolilah.

I opened up my account, sent the file for printing to the printer and looked at the time.

Phew. Still have 40 minutes. That was close!

I went to the printer, swiped my brother’s card and selected the document to print.


The message read that it’d cost me $1.24 to print 15 pages. I clicked ‘OK’ and heaved a sigh as I started feeling that my task was almost complete.

The computer suddenly gave me an error message ‘Money not enough’.

My heart almost fell to the ground. I started thinking which computer lab was the nearest which didn’t require a card.

Innalilahi wa-innalayhi raji’oon.  Innalilahi wa-innalayhi raji’oon.

I kept calming self down that I have to die one day. It’s not worth it to worry about dunia’s matters. I raced down the stairs…my stomach growling painfully because of not having eaten anything for all day since I had been working on my paper and my head spinning because of caffeine overdose. I almost imagined myself fainting and falling down the stairs because I hadn’t slept the night before except a 15 minute nap and last night I had managed to get a 2hour sleep…with no energy and desperateness…with no one to help me except Allah SWT, I remembered His Promise of Help and ventured out of the library to the computer lab which was at the other end of the campus.

Finally managed to get there. Pulled out my wallet, I had no cash but I had some change which I had almost ran out of due to them continuously being used for my coffee replenishment. I didn’t know whether I had $1.25 and now come to think of it, I had my debit card but my mind was so blocked that I didn’t even remember that.

Who would I call to get $1.25? My brother was occupied miles away in his commitments and I would rather hand in my term paper late than borrow money from one of my friends for my own needs.

4 coins of 25 cents popped out of nowhere and another 2 came out as well. SubhanAllah! I managed to put together $1.25 and took my last $0.25  just in case I needed it because I don’t like to rummage in my wallet infront of people for money.

The gentleman handed me my printed papers and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My troubles were finally over.

Umm not quite.

‘One sixty please’

I thought I had heard 16 so I asked the gentleman again.


Uh-oh. I didn’t have another $ 0.25.

 But alhamdolilah for His Help, somehow it appeared in my wallet at that time and I successfully paid $1.60 and handed out not only my paper on time but got some time to force myself to eat. Alhamdolilah!

It may not seem a huge event or story for anyone. I know people go through worse situations, I’ve been through worse myself. But the significance of this incident is that it reminded me of Akhira:

  • How I was so dependent on $1.60 to get what I want. Usually $1.60 is worth nothing for most of us because some of us spend it on candy in one go…i.e. for leisure purposes. But it was worth everything to me at that time…when I needed it the most. Likewise, we trivialize small good deeds and wait for greater opportunities to come our way. On the Day of Judgement, people would be regretting and wishing for any small good deed that they would’ve done to get them off the hook. Just to get out of that terrible pain and horror of that day…just one deed…which was worth nothing to them in dunia because had they known if there was one deed that they needed to bail themselves out, they wouldn’t have ignored it.
  • It also reminded me how only Allah SWT helps. I had a brother but Allah SWT willed him not to be of help to me. On the day of Judgement, your relatives won’t be able to save you from what you would’ve earned.
  • I hadn’t eaten and slept properly for the past 2-3 days. Mostly we think it’s the food and sleep that keeps us going. In my situation, it was His Words that refuelling me from inside…He Sustained me without me having to eat anything. He protected me from my fears and He protected me from any physical harm. Yet, we are so quick to depend on food and sleep for our sustenance. While it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is upto Allah SWT to test one with a disease even if they are healthy. And conversely, bless someone with health even if they don’t have any food.
  • It made me realize how important it is to have knowledge of Islam because if I had been ignorant and hadn’t controlled my nerves by His Words, I think I would have suffered not only in this dunia but also Akhira.
  • Allah SWT puts us through challenges to remind us of Akhira and it’s human psychology that we tend to remember our challenges…which helps the message of Akhira stick in our head.
  • It is extremely crucial not to panic and leave hope  just because a certain thing doesn’t work out the way you planned out. Dhul-Qarnayn took different routes (means) to achieve his goal as emphasized in Surah Al Kahf, v.85,89,92: “Then he followed another way.” 
  • Also, Allah SWT may help you achieve your goals not in the manner you want…not at the time you want…but He will ultimately help you achieve them because He wants you to learn in the process, possibly lighten your burden of sins and then reward you with something you wanted. So not only do you get what you want but you get more than you had asked for! Isn’t that amazing! And getting something you want through a challenging process makes it all the more special when you get it.
  • Most importantly, it reminded me of my helplessness. Alhamdolilah, I am healthy, I have been blessed with enough to not to worry about finances today…yet I was put in such a situation in which I lacked both of these…nobody knows what state they might be the next second, so it taught me that I should spend my health, money and time when I have them…because who knows what means of purification Allah SWT has planned for me. It could be lack of health or it could be extreme poverty. Or it could be death at a young age. It could be any form of oppression from strangers or people close to me. It could be anything at all…and what have I prepared? Why do I belittle the smallest of good deeds?  May Allah SWT protect me and all of us from such trials and make us strong.Ameen.


(Therein they will cry: “Our Lord! Bring us out, we shall do righteous good deeds, not that we used do.”

(Allah will reply): “Did We not give you lives long enough, so that whosoever would receive admonition could receive it And the warner came to you. So taste you. For the wrongdoers there is no helper.”) [Surah Al Faatir , 35:37]

[This is something the non-Muslims will say but we all know where we stand and whether we are worthy of the rewards of Paradise right now.]

Ya Rabb. Protect us. We will be destroyed if You don’t have special Mercy on us. And it’s only Your Mercy that I have hope in, if You don’t Shower me with it, I know how empty my record of good deeds is. Please Allah, give me the hidaya and taufeeq to overcome my excuses to do khayr. Ya Rabb You are the One who Chooses people for Your Deen. Choose me…and forgive me because I’m all words and no action and that’s very painful Allah…I have nothing Ya Rabb. I own nothing and nothing’s worth the trouble…Only Your Pleasure on the Day of Judgement…Please, only that. Ameen.

[Reminder to myself and then others]

And Allah SWT knows best.


4 Responses to “The Worth of $1.60 and the Day of Judgement”

  1. Assalamu ‘aleykum,

    Hey sis, You poor thing. How are you? After all that. Al Hamdu lillah, good u got it done. Your story brought back memories.

    I’ve done a few of those missions myself. Makes me laugh when I think back. Funny thing is I didn’t learn from the 1st time I did it. If our deadline was on a certain we had until the next morning to hand it in as our campus was open from 6am so we would be up all night or two on an empty stomach typing away. But we didn’t have icy subzero tempreratures like you.

    Al Hamdu lillaah we didn’t rely on the uni printers. On the last day, we would always find we weren’t the only ones trying to print off our papers! All sorts of crazy things would go wrong with the servers and printers.

    Thanx for sharing your lessons with us. Trusting in Allaah helped me alot as well and dua. He never lets His beloved servants down in their times of need. I think its called Yakeen or something? Allaah’s words are so re-assuring. I can depend on them always. They sustain you better then food sometimes. Also made me realise that we don’t always need to eat alot to get through the day. Great for my figure too.

    I didn’t have many to help me either. Every1 for themselves as the saying goes. Trials do remind me of my helplessness 2 which is a good thing for my ego especially if I then get what I want after.

    After that tough and inspirational experience, please do not forget the lessons sis. Don’t worry about the future. Life’s too short for that. Keep active, Do what you can within your power and ask Allaah to help you with the rest. Insha’ Allah, Allaah is with the patient and who put their trust in Him and make tawbah to Him.

    Thanx again. You take care. JazakAllah kher. Allaah Hafiz.

    • Walaykum asalam warahmatullah,

      I’m good alhamdolilah.
      Oh yeah, you too? Well that must be 2 decades ago for you, no? Mashaa’Allah you have awesome memory!
      I actually had not choice. I had to print it at university otherwise I would’ve never had delayed it to the last minute.

      You’re funny Sr. Jannah. ‘Great for my figure too’…I don’t think it’s a good way to maintain your weight. FYI: not eating–>slows down one’s metabolism and so things get converted into fat earlier than usual. So yeah, no wonder you’ve gained so much weight lately…see that’s why…you better watch out. At this rate, things may get problematic. Inshaa’Allah khayr, it’s part of an aging process in this dunia. Have some Sabr.

      Alhamdolilah no ego issues for me but it definitely is a healthy reminder.

      Thanks for the reminder and thanks for dropping by and sharing your story :)

      JazakAllahu khayran & love for the kids,
      P.S. Just a request dear sis: Pls don’t say ‘Allah Hafiz’, it’s better to use the greeting of Jannah inshaa’Allah because we’re originially from Jannah and not from this dunia, therefore no need to adopt the dunia’s customs when we have an excellent alternative.

  2. I’m good Al Humdulillah. Didnt go uni straight after high school. I returned later. Completed ’05.

    Thanx for da tip. Al Humdulillah I’ve got an early warning system for fat. As soon as I feel my belly is approachin full, I stop. Kids r well but keepin me on my feet. Da little rascals. It’s good training 4 future. Sorry bout da greeting. Didnt kno. Everyone says it so I thought it was ok. Thanx 4 da reminda.

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