O Muslimahs:Lower your Gaze!

“Muslimahs should lower their gaze too and not consider it their right to look around just because biologically the danger is not as worse. This is because looking around makes your heart desensitized and makes room for you being a fitna for others. Also, in today’s times, looking down shows your disinterest which is all the more beneficial since we all know just a glance is enough to provoke something in whose hearts is  a disease. Unlike physical diseases, diseases of heart are not obvious. We should protect other sisters’ rights by guarding our eyes. This further protects us from seeing amongst the women which we’re not supposed to see even if we’re of the same gender. We cannot stop the Shaytan but we can definitely slam the door on him inshaa’Allah.The times are challenging and so we want to adopt tougher ways to protect our hearts. Always remember: Allah does not bless a Muslim’s heart with the Noor of Quraan until it is disease-free.  It’s like wishing to fill a garbage bag full of dirt/bugs/slime with clean provision. Totally illogical.”



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