He who has no one, has Allah

Mashaa’Allah, a fantabulous reminder by our very own Sh. Navaid Aziz.

He who has no one, has Allah

…and he who has Allah, needs no one!

:) x infinity.

UmmS’s on cloud no. 9 when she’s thinking about Allah SWT.

My happy pills: ‘he who has Allah, needs no one’

That’s the only statement that drives me day in, day out. Besides, this is just my thought: I don’t think a believer who has tasted the sweetness of His Companionship would even want any one besides Him.


Few snippets of reminders which I want to keep in mind for future:

Umar bin Khattab RA’s approach towards trials:

  • He thanked Allah SWT that the trial wasn’t in  his deen
  • He contemplated that the trial wasn’t as great as it could’ve been
  • He was grateful that Allah SWT allowed him to be patient in that trial


The greatest trial for us is Prophet Mohammed SAW’s death. And this is something I feel most of the time…makes me go down at times and I can’t imagine what the state of the Sahaba (RA) was when he SAW passed away…and how Abu Bakr RA handled the situation and said the most glorious words said in the history of Islam.


‘Fate rarely calls upon people at the time of their choosing.’


May Allah SWT guide us to His Right Path and keep us steadfast on it in our good and seemingly ‘bad’ times. May Allah SWT exalt the status of Sh. Navaid Aziz and may Allah SWT bring him with khayr to C-city with his family for good. Ameen.

[Mashaa’Allah, C-city loves Sh. Navaid Aziz for the sake of Allah SWT and we know he loves us too for His Sake.]


2 Responses to “He who has no one, has Allah”

  1. Assalam ‘aleykum,

    Hey sis, how are you? remember me? Sorry I’ve been out of touch recently.

    Keep smiling ). It’s an infection that can be quite contagious at times. One that should never be quarantined.

    • Walaykum asalam warahmatullah,

      Thank you for your kind words Jannah. I hope you and your kids are doing well.

      I hope you are as infected if not more inshaa’Allah.

      It should not be q’ed as long the Kalimah is in our heart…and we pray to live up to that preposition inshaa’Allah.

      Many duaas,

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