Islam and Optimism Galore

‘Optimism is to see opportunities in your difficulties.’


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

I feel it’s also optimism to be thankful of whatever blessing you get by using that blessing in His Obedience without nit-picking and suspecting it of being deficient in nature, just because it came out of the blue and/or came at your doorstep.

A lot of people lack optimism even though they claim they have Tawakul and Sabr and what not. How can a person have Tawakul when they lack optimism? I don’t know.

My way of optimism: make duaa with such intensity and certainty that not only do I continue making duaa’…I look for its immediate signs of its acceptance within that blessed time-frame I asked for its acceptance, I seek hidaya through that duaa and His Signs because I know my Lord won’t let my sincere duaa go unanswered especially when I know I’m not asking for anything against Islam. Possibly a few people will raise eyebrows at my tawakul. They may but it’s my Lord that has blessed me with that extreme Love of Him and His Love makes me trust Him abundantly. Allahu Akbar Kabeera, walhamdulilahi kathira.


‘Islam teaches us to have good intentions and think good of others. That is the moment of optimism.’

‘If Allah SWT knows that there’s good in your hearts, Allah SWT will give you what is good.’

‘Don’t be negative! Don’t be superstitious!’ (I have a feeling the speaker meant ‘suspicious’ but anyway)

‘Words are like magic. Words can change people. Just the good words which come out of one’s mouth!’

‘Be realistic. Yes this life is full of problems. That is the nature of this life. But it is also full of solutions. The Prophet SAW said that Allah has not sent out any disease in this world without its cure.’

‘Discover the talent that Allah SWT has given you. Discover it in your children and let them utilize it and help their souls and others’.’


Just a 9 minute video but its pumped with several gems and its by none other than our own Sh. Waleed Baysouni:

I do not have references but I do know that the Prophet SAW had excellent level of optimism in a specific incident of Dawah. He sent out a Sahabi named ‘Sahl’ which means ‘easy’ and took it as a good sign of the dawah of this person being successful to the tribe this Sahabi was being sent to. May Allah SWT forgive me for interpretting it incorrectly but I’ll find the reference a.s.a.p. inshaa’Allah. It’s a little difficult to find this small piece of info in magnificient volumes of Seerah but I’ll try.


The key thing is optimism. I’m not saying foolishness. There’s a huge difference between the two. The former has thought process involved + reliance/trust on Allah SWT + expecting good only from Allah SWT. The latter involves wishful thinking without taking any action or thinking about it rationally.

I smile when people question my level of optimism and ask too many questions.

The Prophet SAW has commanded us to leave things which do not matter us. In short, do not be intrusive.

Where are the etiquettes and where are the manners of us pursuing our reinless curiosity? A human’s curiosity has no limits and that’s why we are to have trust in His Wisdom.

It’s like a blessing comes to an individiual and he/she questions Allah SWT that why that blessing did not reach at someone else’s doorstep. Joke! (Baba Ali style)

Although it is forgivable that people lack optimism but personally it is a major turn-off if one lacks it in their personality. Some plants only thrive in the abundance of certain nutrient and I feel as a Muslimah, I can only thrive in an environment in which I am not questioned about my optimism and in an environment I can feed off from other people’s optimism. It’s like how my colleague puts it, vacation for her, recharges her ‘good batteries’. For me, it is His Love from which sprouts optimism. It recharges me, it drives me even if I don’t have people I love the most around me(may Allah SWT protect me from the trials resulting from such a huge claim.Ameen). And that’s why I have an emotional attachment to Allah SWT, to His Last Messenger, to Ibrahim AS and to Imam Ahmad R. A lot of people may say that all Muslims may have that. I don’t deny that but to me it’s as if my soul cannot breathe if my Rabb’s rules or His Promotion of the way of life we’re supposed to live, gets transgressed or is underestimated. I get angry but only for His Sake. That does put me at a difficult situation most of the time when people are not following Allah’s Commans but it’s only positive attitude shown by the Prophet SAW hence optimism that makes me merciful to them. There are some things you can’t let go of. They are so deeply embedded within you such as the love of Tawheed. Your inner being seeks refuge in those things because they bring about patience and humility. In short, they help you survive…look at the world in the eye and stand with your back upright. Not because of where you stand in intellect/social hierarchy but because who your Rabb is and who your role models are. And because, I was honored the day I became a slave of Allah SWT, not out of my own doings…but out of He SWT being Al Kareem , the Only One who gives to those who are not deserving and/or do not ask for the blessings He gives them day and night.


I feel pity for those who call optimism ‘childish fantasies’. May Allah SWT enlighten their hearts with His Noor for if He hadn’t blessed me, I too would have been amongst those who dismiss the real meaning of tawakul.Ameen.

Who am I to judge when He is the Most-Forgiving , the Most-Merciful? A sinner himself has no right to enforce laws /pass judgement against another human. But upon realization and awareness, the sinner should be allowed to remind another human of the possible consequences of sinning because he’s been through its effects.

It is but another one of our weaknesses. We need to identify them and support each other, hence this reminder without any implicit meanings.

May He protect us from the whisperings of Shayateen and our own lowly Nafs. May He SWT help us differentiate Haqq(Truth) from Batil (falsehood). O Allah! Forgive me for the flaws in my character. I’m but a beggar and I’m in extreme need of any good (hidaya, hikmah) from You. Please forgive me for my words that lack action, I really do not want to live/die as a hypocrite so please make my heart alive by Your Noor. I ask of Only You because of how You have described Yourself in Your Attributes. I bend to no human and I seek not this dunia’s glitter. So please adorn me that level of reliance like you blessed Prophet Ibrahim AS and Rasulalah SAW… because I am in desperate need of it to reach my destination, i.e. Your Friendship. Please give me the stepping stones to reach there and make it easy for me to cross the Siraat via Your Guidance. O Allah please listen to my duaa because Only You listen/accept them and Only You are Al Wahhab. Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.

[a gentle reminder for myself FIRST and then others]


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