Darwinian politics: the evolutionary origin of freedom

“I reach a suprising conclusion: modern western nations , and particulary United States, are the most effective societies for satisfying our evolved political preferences […] (The main reason the United States is in a better position than even western-European nations is that it does not have any dominant ethnic group, and so the risk of one group seizing the government and using it to impose undesirable predatory ethnic or racial policies is low.)”

[Darwinian politics: the evolutionary origin of freedom]

Paul H. Rubin


I can’t seem to understand how fools are so dominant in academia. Why doesn’t natural selection  select against them?Honestly, what an ‘intelligent’ fool this man is. And that’s written in the books’ preface. May Allah SWT give him and all deluded by evolution and Darwinism…a huge chunk of hidaya.Ameen.

Yes I’m a Muslim and I believe in One God who does whatever He Wills according to His Supreme Justice and Wisdom. Islam slaughtered racism. Thanks to social darwinism, racism is born AGAIN. Where’s freedom when the theories of those who proposed racism are ‘alive’ in educational systems which are supposed to promote and appreciate freedom of ideas? Yes, we’re still not ‘free’. SubhanAllah.

Another reason why I’m glad to be a Muslim. Our Rabb took care of it all, all the belief-system and its framework is 100% solid and moral. Alhamdolilah. If it weren’t for Him, we all would’ve been losers.

I just had to share this piece of useless info for future safe-keeping. So much to do, so little time.


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