Relationships for the Sake of Allah SWT

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

It has been my observation that friendships based on His Love, whether initiated in Masajid or in islamic gatherings are ever so sweet. No  matter what happens, they keep on strengthening without being high-maintenance.

“Allah (SWT) said: ‘Those who love one another for My glory, will have minbars of light, and the Prophets and martyrs will wish that they had the same.” [Reported by al-Tirmidhi, who said it is a hasan sahih hadith]

I am very blessed as it is and I thank Him enough for it. And on top of that there are some friends whom I love for His Sake who shine my day when I need it the most. They are true forms of mercy from Allah SWT.

One special person whom I got introduced to via my previous blog has been extremely kind to me. Today, I received an Amazon package from her, nicely gift-wrapped with a mini card on it wishing me ‘Eid Mubarak with such a beautiful dua’ on it that it literally hit my heart. And the gift was of that book I had probably never had bought if it were for me on my own because I have already bought enough books thanks to my appetite for them, that I had thought I won’t now for a year or so.

The book is really a luxury read (the kind of book that you can read at home when you have noone around, fire crackling and outside below -30degrees celsius, yeah that kind of a read) and inshaa’Allah I will get started on it during my winter break. It’s a book called ‘Release Your Inner Queen Of Sheba!: Procedure And Protocols To Lead Your Best Life’ by Heba Al Shareef. I was just thinking about how much reward that sister has earned by making a Muslimah (me) happy. May Allah SWT accept it from her and elevate her status to that of Siddiqeen.Ameen. I am very touched because someone, miles away, continents away, thought about me and actually showed that through action. If that’s not love for His Sake, then what is? Because we’ve never met, never chatted or seen each other yet that one thing that binds us is SO STRONG that it surpasses all these petty things. Who says that there’s a lack of strong sisterhood in our world? I’m not talking about the gift here, even if she hadn’t send that…the cards she’s been sending is worth so much to me.

I don’t know whether I can gift you anything besides the hadith that I quoted above and another hadith I’m going to quote right below. Take it as good news from Allah SWT:

 Mu’adh began to spread this pure love among the Muslims throughout the Muslim lands, telling them what he had heard from the Prophet (SAW) about the great reward that Allah (SWT) had prepared for those who loved one another for His sake, and about His great love for them. In al-Muwatta’, Imam Malik gives a report with a sahih isnad from Abu Idris al-Khulani who said: “I entered the mosque of Damascus, where I saw a young man who had a bright smile, and I saw the people gathered around him. When they disagreed on some matter, they referred it to him, and accepted his opinion. I asked who he was, and they told me, ‘This is Mu’adh ibn Jabal (RA).” Early the next day, I went to the mosque but I found that he had arrived even earlier than I. He was praying, so I waited until he had finished, then I approached him from in front, greeted him and said, ‘By Allah (SWT) I love you.’ He said, ‘For the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala)?’ I said, ‘For the sake of Allah’. He repeated his question, ‘For the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala)?’ and I said, ‘For the sake of Allah.’ So he took hold of my collar and pulled me towards him and said, ‘I have good news for you. I heard the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) say: “Allah Almighty says: ‘My love is granted to those who love one another for My sake, who visit one another for My sake, and who spend on one another for My sake.'”‘

 May Allah SWT accept from us our friendship for His Sake and unite us amongst those who loved each other for His Sake too in Rafeeqal ‘Ala. Ameen Ya Rabb!


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